How to Watch Walking Dead Online

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The Walking Dead is one of the favorite shows of many on AMC. This follows survivors of a zombie apocalypse and how they fight for survival in a world that is very different.

The show is an AMC exclusive and only available to residents of the United States. However, using a VPN, it is straightforward to gain access to the AMC channel.

This guide looks at the show so far in season 9 The Walking Dead because fans are keen to catch season 10 when it starts in less than a month.

access AMC to watch Walking Dead online

By the end, you will see all the places you can access AMC to watch Walking Dead online and how you can watch an AMC live stream once the new season begins.

The Walking Dead Show

In the very first season, we saw Rick Grimes wake from a coma to find the world he knew had gone.

The show was filled with flesh-eating zombies right from the beginning, and many new enemies have faced the survivors ever since.

Being another show that is based on comics, it has a massive fan base from all around the globe.

With the fall of humanity, the band of survivors face perils from ‘The Walkers’ and conflicts from other survivors who do all they can to survive.

With some top-rated recurring characters, there is also a plethora of new faces, which come and go with each season.

None much bigger than a recent addition as the leader of ‘The Whisperers’ Alpha played by Samantha Morton.

To watch The Walking Dead online does differ depending which full episodes you want to watch. Not all have every episode and the ones they do show may not all be from the same season.

For season 10 The Walking Dead, it will be vital to find live The Walking Dead streaming online so you can avoid all the spoilers.

Now we will see where you can access AMC to watch back episodes or a live stream, and how a VPN enables you to do this.

Walking Dead Season 10 on AMC

Walking Dead on AMC

While AMC is the home of The Walking Dead, they currently only have the last five episodes available to stream free.

With a VPN, you can easily set this to a VPN server in the United States and watch these final episodes as a catch-up.

Once the new season starts, you will need to use the AMC premier app, however, there is a downside to this, and that is you need a TV subscription with a provider to sign in to the service.

This can make it appear off-putting, but when you go through the following streaming services, you can find how easy and affordable it can be to access AMC and the Premier app.

Before looking at the following services, one of the top ones is missing from the list, enable access.

The service does have AMC in its channel lineup and did sign an exclusive agreement, yet they don’t have The Walking Dead in their library.

What they do have is the spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead, which is another great show.

If you want to watch every episode from every season, then there is only one place, and this won’t allow for live streaming of season 10.

Back Episodes on Netflix

Netflix is the only place you can watch The Walking Dead full episodes from season one to season nine.

While this service does block many VPN’s our later recommendation is the best streaming VPN to access this service no matter which region and library you wish to access.

Netflix does have a mobile app you can get from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Signing up from your home country give you a global account, so accessing the service successfully will be down to your choice of VPN provider.

Netflix does offer one month free for new subscribers, so you can watch all the back episodes you want during this time with a good VPN.

Sling TV for Walking Dead on Demand

Sling TV is an affordable option to access AMC. There are three plans available, and all of them include AMC network. However, there is no access to the Premier app.

This means you can only stream The Walking Dead once it has been aired and added to the on-demand library.

Sling no longer offers a free period but does offer a 40% reduction for the first month. After the reduced period, prices revert to the following.

  • Sling Orange – $25 per month
  • Sling Blue – $24.99 per month
  • Sling Orange and Blue $39.98 per month.

Sling supports Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS and Android devices, macOS and Windows and Xbox One among others.

Sling is one of the services where you can’t even access the website without a VPN running on your device.

FuboTV has Full Access to The Walking Dead

Fubo began as a sporting service; they have since expanded and are becoming one of the top streaming platforms with over 100+ channels.

Fubo offers four plans, each of which has AMC; however, to access the Premier app from AMC, you do need an add-on that costs around an extra $5 per month. This will give access to The Walking Dead streaming online once season 10 begins.

  • Fubo standard – $54.99 per month
  • Fubo family – $59.99 per month
  • Fubo Family Deluxe – $64.99 per month
  • Fubo Ultra – $74.99 per month

Fubo offers a one-week free trial to test all the services and functions. There are local sports, news and cloud DVR as standard. It also runs on Chromecast, Smart TV’s, Android and iOS, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is like Fubo and offers access to the Premier app. Where other services offer different plans, this only has one plan, which offers 70+ channels.

You can also have six devices connected to one account. There is also unlimited cloud DVR that lasts for months, and it also comes with seven days free.

Device support includes Smart TV’s, Chromecast, Android and iOS along with many others.

The monthly cost for this service is $54.99, it does come with some of the biggest networks in its channel lineup, yet some are only available in specific US regions.

To be sure you can access every channel, a VPN you change to city level is ideal. Luckily, our recommendation allows you to do this.

Final Mention

Amazon Video is another popular service, however, at present; they are not showing any episodes for Amazon Prime subscribers. You can purchase single episodes and some of the full seasons.

If they stream The Walking Dead Online once the new season starts, is yet to be seen. Yet, because of how popular the show is, it is more than likely to remain on AMC and the above options that deliver access to AMC streaming.

Watch The Walking Dead using the Best VPN

Using a VPN to Watch The Walking Dead

All of the above services sit behind geo-restrictions for Walking Dead fans who live outside the USA.

This means there is no way to access them without using a VPN. Many of them are not as stringent in the VPN checks as US Netflix, yet it is better to use a proven VPN provider rather than the cheapest VPN on offer.

A VPN takes your connection and encrypts all the data. This allows your location to be spoofed and appear inside the USA, no matter which country you live in.

ExpressVPN, which is the recommendation because it has proven itself for years to bypass geo-restrictions with ease, and even Netflix access is never a problem.

It delivers either smart locations, or you can manually select a US-based server if you find some of the channels are unavailable from one connection.

Aside from this, ISP’s like to throttle connections for streamers because of the bandwidth 4K HD content eats up.

When your ISP cannot see you are accessing a streaming service, they won’t slow down your connection.

This VPN also delivers the fastest download speeds, so it continually tops the best streaming VPN polls as a result.

Along with military-grade encryption for user privacy, there is little this VPN doesn’t do to make an online experience a joy for its users.

To be sure, the service meets all your needs, you can sign up and make full use of the service without paying a penny.

The no question 30-day money-back guarantee lets you check its features and performance against any of the above.

You can sign up to any that offers a free period, and then you can make full use of this period to watch The Walking Dead TV show online free.

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