How to Watch The Order Online

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The show premiered on March 7, 2019. It quickly grew lots of fans as they watched Jack Morton, a regular college student who set out to avenge his mother’s death.

As a means to an end, he hooks up with a secret society. Once in the Order of the Blue Rose, he goes deeper into a mystical world in the hunt for his mother’s killer.

Being a US Netflix exclusive, this is only available in the American Netflix library. For viewers around the world, this guide shows how you can watch The Order from anywhere. First, we will look at the cast of this hit TV show.

watch The Order from anywhere

What is The Order and who are the Cast?

The Order Netflix cast may contain some faces that appear familiar. This is because several of them have been in other top-rated TV shows.

Jake Manley takes the lead role of Jack. He is no stranger to TV and was one of the stars of Heroes Reborn, iZombie and American Gods among others.

Sam Trammell is another face that may be recognized from the HBO award-winning TV series True Blood, This Is Us, and many more. Sarah Grey is the first recognizable female and was a star in The Legends of Tomorrow.

Randall Carpio is brought to life by Adam DiMarco and is one of the leading characters in the show. His previous roles are in The Magicians When We Rise and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Katharine Isabelle plays Vera Stone, and viewers may recognize her from starring in Hannibal, Little Dog, and The Arrangement. Thomas Elms is one of the newer faces and plays Hamish Duke.

One of the older faces is that of Edward Coventry, who is Jack’s estranged father. He also happens to be the leader of “The Order.” Max Martini has been in numerous shows and TV series, from Doom Patrol, NCIS, Training Day and CSI.

Most of the underground battle between werewolves and the magical dark arts is nothing new to him, and it appears everything runs in the family.

Jack arrives as a college freshman. He has a task, and that is to avenge the death of his mother. To do this, he needs to pledge himself into the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.

There are lots of magical dark arts under the control of his father. As he becomes further embroiled in The Order, he begins to see a world that crosses with werewolves and the magical dark arts.

Right from the start, there are strange murders, plot twists and dark going on. With later episodes, there is an underground battle between werewolves and The Order.

The series reaches a climax at the end of season one, and now lovers of the show are keen on waiting for The Order Season 2 to begin.

Until then, for viewers outside the USA, they want to find out where to watch The Order online.

Where to Watch The Order

Unless you are inside the USA, you will need a VPN to watch The Order. It is as we saw, a US Netflix exclusive, so there are strict geo-restrictions in place.

Netflix is the most stringent streaming service when it comes to VPN usage to access the US library from outside the USA.

In the rest of this article, we look at how to sign up for Netflix, how to sign up for the best streaming VPN, and how easy it is to access The Order and countless other TV shows you may want to watch.

The Order and US Netflix

Signing up for Netflix is easy and can be done from any country. Although you can’t access the US
Netflix library, you will have a global account once you sign up for the service.

Netflix offers three streaming plans. The cheapest is $8.99 per month and the most expensive at $15.99 per month.

The Basic plan allows one stream, and you are limited to SD quality. The Standard plan allows you to watch on 2 screens in HD and costs $12.99 per month.

The premium plan delivers the most and offers 4 streams in HD or 4k Ultra HD quality. Depending on your location, you will need fast download speeds to prevent buffering.

You can access Netflix on a large range of devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, and iOS and Android, Game consoles, SMART TV’s, Windows and Mac, and many others.

Here are the simple steps of signing up for Netflix in your home country.

  1. Head over to the Netflix website at
  2. Click the “Join Free for a Month” button
  3. Click on “See the Plans”
  4. Enter your email address and enter a unique password
  5. After this just click on Register
  6. Once you reach the payment options page. Select the mode of payment. Netflix accepts debit or credit cards.
  7. Select “Start Membership”
  8. Select your Netflix devices and click on “Continue.”

When you have created your Netflix account, you still won’t be able to access the US library because the service will default to the library where you are located.

To access any other library, you need a VPN service that has services in that particular country.

In this example, it will be the USA where you can access and watch The Order.

Best VPN to Watch The Order

Watching The Order with a VPN

When it comes to choosing your VPN, they do need to cover a certain amount of features to make sure you have the best viewing experience possible.

Here are some things good VPN’s need to deliver

  • Large VPN server network
  • Fast streaming speeds
  • Ability to bypass geo-restrictions especially
  • Switch servers to city level
  • Bypass Netflix checks
  • High levels of encryptions
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer service

Not all VPN’s meet even this small list of features. Some offer small networks, mediocre download speeds and are unable to bypass the checks Netflix puts in place. A few large names in the VPN world go as far to no longer attempt to do this.

The best streaming VPN is ExpressVPN. It doesn’t just deliver the fastest download speeds from its optimized servers; it surpasses every item on the above list.

ExpressVPN covers 94 countries, and in these, it has 160 different locations. The service now has over 3,000 servers, so there is more than enough access around the globe.

When it comes to bypassing Netflix VPN restrictions, it does so reliably. If there is any occasion when you are unable to access American Netflix to watch The Order.

The 24/7 live chat customer support comes in handy. You can find out which US server is accessing the streaming service so you can change. You will find other streaming services like the BBC iPlayer are accessed just as easy.

Signing Up for the Best Streaming VPN

Signing up and installing this VPN service is just as simple, if not easier than your Netflix sign up procedure.

Here are the quick instructions.

  1. Head to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Select the plan you want – there is one plan, but longer sign up periods
  3. Enter your email address – this is to get your confirmation email
  4. Select your payment option – there are numerous options including cryptocurrencies
  5. Once you submit, you will receive your confirmation email
  6. Download the app for your device – it now supports 5 simultaneous device connections
  7. Install the app and enter the user code given in your email

That is all there is to it, and you can do this in less than 30-minutes.

As soon as you install the VPN client, you have full device protection. Even when you switch the server from the recommended server, the client uses the built-in kill switch and stops all other apps from accessing the internet until you are connected again.

This prevents your IP address being leaked. One good thing with the encryption is your ISP won’t see you are streaming from the US.

This means they can’t throttle your internet connection as they do for heavy streamers.

You can watch The Order with no worries about your connection slowing and buffering starting as you watch Jack and the underground werewolf battle with The Order.

The best way to find the full benefits is to try the VPN and see for yourself. This you can do using their 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can sign up and test the VPN for this period, and see how good it is for accessing and streaming The Order from US Netflix.

Because both of them can be tested for 30-days, it makes sense to do this together, and you can watch The Order from anywhere in the world, free.

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