How to Watch Russian Doll Online

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This Netflix comedy was a smash hit, yet there are a few who say it is a rip-off of Ground Hog Day.

It is neither a rip-off of this classic movie, as there are many others that follow in the same vein such as the 2017 comedy-horror Happy Death Day.

The show does offer some nods and winks to Billy Murray’s movie but in a subtle way.

Watch Russian Doll at Netflix

It has in its own right gained plenty of fans, and there was a constant chatter on social networks regarding the show.

With only one place to find this show online, this guide is geared up to show how fans of the show can watch Russian Doll from anywhere, even if there is no Netflix library in their home country.

For ones who know nothing of the show, we will take a quick look, and then see how easy it can be to watch the show using a VPN to bypass any geo-restrictions.

Russian Doll What Happened So Far?

On the night of her 36th birthday, Nadia exited the bathroom to find her untimely death. Before she knew what was happening, she was back in her birthday party for it all to happen again.

This time, her death comes in different ways, no matter what she does to prevent it.

This dark comedy was written by leading actress Natasha Lyonne who plays Nadia. Co-writers are Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland.

The loop she is stuck in did cause some complications for the show because the same music was replayed each time Nadia found herself alive again.

The track was ‘Gotta Get Up’ by Harry Nilsson, and his estate only let the song be played a certain number of times.

All through the first season of Russian Doll, it didn’t repeat itself, and Nadia took more steps closer to finding out why she was in a time loop. She even finds herself visiting a Yeshiva high school for answers.

At the end of the season, she was not much wiser. Yet now, she had a partner to learn with in the form of Alan (Charlie Bennett) who himself keeps dying repeatedly.

Not wanting to offer too many spoilers, we will now see where to watch Russian Doll, and how viewers can do so using a VPN service to bypass restrictions.

Where Can I Watch Russian Doll?

Like a lot of shows and movies, they are exclusive to Netflix. This means the only place to watch online is this streaming service.

Out of all the streaming services around the globe, it can be the hardest to watch American Netflix because of the restrictions it has in place.

However, with the best streaming VPN in action, this library can be accessed from any location.

Many VPN providers are stopped from accessing the service by overseas users when it spots the IP address comes from a VPN service.

Luckily, the recommended VPN doesn’t have this problem, and it is among the many selling points of the service.

To a certain degree, users are helped out by Netflix; Russian Doll can be viewed from any user account, which was created in any country.

Because of this global account, it makes things straightforward to sign up for because there are no payment difficulties.

The only downside is, these accounts default to the country you are in, and in many cases, and these don’t have the same TV shows on offer as the USA.

Users without a Netflix account can follow the below

  1. Open the web page
  2. Click on ‘Join Free for a Month.’ A one-month free trial, and cancel any time.
  3. Select ‘See the Plans.’ There are three, basic, standard, or premium. Simultaneous streams and video quality increase with each plan.
  4. Enter your email address and a password
  5. Click ‘Register’
  6. The next page is the billing page. You can pay by gift cards, PayPal, and credit cards.
  7. Click ‘Start Membership’
  8. Select your devices and then click on ‘Continue’

Best VPN to Stream Russian Doll Online

Best Streaming VPN for US Netflix

When streaming, it is vital to have the best streaming VPN for your location. By their very nature, a VPN will slow a connection because of the encryption that takes place.

Depending on distance, this can have a severe impact on the viewing experience as buffering can start.

ExpressVPN is the recommendation because it is often seen as the ultimate streaming VPN service.

It uses a network of thousands of optimized servers that are positioned in prime locations to stream at the fastest possible speeds.

It also stops ISP’s from slowing connections by masking what users are doing online. Streamers often have connections slowed when they stream large amounts of data.

Netflix HD content consumes a massive amount, so hiding this from an ISP means a user can stream all they wish.

One of the great features with this VPN connection is you can change to any number of locations in various countries.

This is one of the way’s it continually bypasses VPN checks by Netflix.

So users are comfortable with the performance and all the features, they offer an industry-leading 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means users can sign up at the same time as they create a Netflix account, and they have a full month to watch Russian Doll from anywhere.

The advantage with this is, they can do so without spending anything, if they wish to cancel, they have been able to watch the show free.

Maybe Netflix may not suit every viewer, but this VPN continually suits thousands of users because of the security and other features it offers.

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