How to Setup a VPN in Windows 8


Net neutrality may soon be a past thing in many parts of the world. And your ISP will prevent you from accessing the services it doesn’t like. Using VPNs would let you get away with this injustice.

A VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) lets you access the contents by tunneling the traffic through its servers. The servers, in most of the cases, can be anywhere in the world except your home country. People do this to remove the geo-restrictions they face in accessing a service.

VPN for windows 8Most of the people use them for browsing sites or streaming contents blocked in the particular region. But there are many who use VPN clients for the privacy they offer. You can browse anything you like, and the ISP can’t track your browsing. It is all encrypted.

You can get a free VPN for Windows 8. Many are available for free of cost, but they do have a price, poor service, and a terrible speed. If you want to download VPN software for Windows 8, I would like to recommend ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Windows 8 available in the market. The cost is higher than its counterparts, but it’s easy to use. After you download ExpressVPN Windows’s client (or application), a VPN can be set-up in no time.

Setup VPN in Windows 8

For setting up VPN Windows, 8 users should register themselves with ExpressVPN. Then follow these steps:

i) Download the client. It is available either through the link in the welcome email or after you log in to your ExpressVPN account.
ii) You can also see an “activation code” displayed on the page. Copy it, you will need it later in the process.
iii) As and when requested, install the drivers and also the application.
iv) When everything is done, exit the Setup Wizard and launch the application.

ExpressVPN InstallationNow that the installation is complete, set up the connection. Paste the “activation code” on the setup screen. Follow the steps, and you will see the successful activation screen upon completion. After you install, VPN Windows 8 should be restarted and do this each time you install new software.

How to use ExpressVPN

Now that you have setup the VPN connection, Windows 8 internet browsing experience would be safer. Using ExpressVPN is quite easy. To connect to a server, click that large ON button. The “Smart Location” is turned on by default. It selects a suitable server based on your location. But you have the freedom to choose any server you would like to.
Once the connection is on, you can start browsing in full privacy. And to disconnect, click on the same button, and you are back to normal.

With ExpressVPN, you have the following benefits:

ExpressVPN benefits

• It encrypts the traffic and keeps it hidden from your ISP.
• You can use the services which may be inaccessible from your region.
• There also is a situation when a website shows different prices for different regions. So, ExpressVPN can also save you a few bucks.
• As the traffic is encrypted, it saves your data from being stolen when on unsecured networks.
• It supports simultaneous use on three devices.

Not only privacy and security, but company’s own VPN servers also serve other purposes. You can access the files on your company’s network from home or any other place. It aids in increasing productivity and also helps in making the file sharing process quick.

Many times, ISPs throttle the traffic coming through BitTorrent protocols. With the encrypted traffic data, ISPs won’t be able to analyze the data packets, and thus, you can get some higher speeds using a VPN.

You can also have the Windows launch ExpressVPN when it starts up. The connection is automatic, and it connects you to the server you last used. For this, go to “Options” in the client and look for “Startup” under the “General” tab. Check the appropriate boxes, and you are good to go.

Getting better speeds with VPN

VPNs are known to affect your connection speed, sometimes a lot of it. But there are ways to improve it. Apart from better speeds with VPNgetting a better plan from your ISP, you can also change the access protocols.

The protocol is the method, your device uses to connect to the server. They are a set of rules, and if security isn’t your priority, you can use PPTP. Lesser the encryption, faster is the network speed.

The distance of the server location also matters, so choose the one closest to you, unless you want to access services of a particular country.

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