How to Setup a VPN on iPhone


Let’s start with what is a VPN and what is VPN on iPhone used for.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in a literal way, are a group of computers having an encrypted communication system over the renowned public network, the Internet. In its early days, a VPN was only used by businesses with offices in different locations.

VPN on iPhoneThe branch offices or the travelling individuals are able to access the company’s resources wherever they are.

They are also a method to use the Internet after securing and encrypting one’s data transfer. Setting up a VPN on the iPhone isn’t a herculean task, and you can browse the WWW as you did earlier, only with an added security.

Not all are same and searching for the best VPN can be quite a headache. ExpressVPN, however, has got a lot of fame over the years. Downloaders can escape the prying eyes and use the Internet as it needs to be, unrestricted.

Those using an unsecured network can encrypt their communications and can access their emails and other accounts without a fear of theft.

There are many benefits and using ExpressVPN as an example, we would show you how easy using VPN on iPhone is.

How to setup a VPN on iPhone

To set up VPN on iPhone in an easy way, go to the App Store and search for and start ExpressVPN download:

setup a VPN on iPhone

1. Once you have signed up for its services, launch the ExpressVPN client.
2. Sign in to your account with the required email address and password.
3. Click “Install” to start setting up the VPN profile.
4. Tap “Install” to create the profile and enter your iPhone’s passcode when asked.
5. There would be a list of warnings on the next screen, click “Install” again and then “Done” on the “Profile Installed” screen.
6. Setup is complete, and the app now asks if you want to share anonymous analytics with ExpressVPN.
7. You are now good-to-go and take the walkthrough tour if you want to.

Connect and use VPN on iPhone

After you have set-up the client, the process is like a breeze:

1. All you need to do is to press the big ON button.
2. ExpressVPN’s Smart Location feature, by default, selects a server for you which it finds optimal. But you can choose a location you want before firing up the connection.
3. You can start your safe browsing once you see the “VPN is ON” message.

To disconnect, tap the same ON button and the app displays the “VPN is OFF” message upon disconnection.

Manual set-up of VPN on iPhone

There can be times when due to some setting changes on iOS VPN client cannot be downloaded and configured. Or maybe you don’t want to put an extra burden on your iPhone with another app. Whatever be the reason, you can always opt for the manual set-up of VPN on iPhone 6 or 5s or any other, irrespective of the iOS version:

1. Launch Safari on your iPhone and go to the website of ExpressVPN.Manual set-up of VPN on iPhone
2. Sign-in to your account with the required email address and password.
3. Select “Set up ExpressVPN” and then “iPhone, iPad & iPod.”
4. Do not download the app and click on “complete the ExpressVPN manual setup for iOS” instead.
5. The next page will display the message that the settings are being loaded. It may take a few minutes, and then the “Settings” window of your iPhone will open.
6. When the device prompts you to set-up the VPN profile, tap “Install” and enter the passcode.
7. Click “Install” on the warning window and confirm the installation by selecting “Install” again.
8. Tap on “Done, ” and you are back on Safari again.

Connect to the manual VPN connection

After you have manually configured your device with the VPN settings:

1. Go to “General” tab in the “Settings” and select the “VPN” option.
2. You can see a list of ExpressVPN servers there. Choose the one you want and toggle the “Status” switch to turn on the connection.
3. And you’re done.

To disconnect, toggle the Status switch back to its original position.

Benefits of using a VPN

Apart from the security mentioned above features, a VPN comes handy when you want to access region-restricted Benefits of using a VPNcontents from the comfort of your home. Select a server catering to that region and the content is no longer blocked for you.

The other angle of this same benefit is to have access to the internet services banned by the government or your ISP.

You can select a server from a region where the required services aren’t blocked and use them with ease.
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