How to Watch Star Sports Outside India in the US

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What is Star Sports?

Star Sports is an online streaming channel, which offers live streaming of sports like football, cricket, and other sports. Star Sports is an Indian TV channel and has been broadcasting English Premier League for free from the last couple of years.

Star Sports has different channels like Star Sports1, Star Sports2, Star Sports3, and Star Sports4. And if you want high-quality results, you can switch to Star Sports Select HD1, Star Sports Select HD2, Star Sports Select HD3, and Star Sports Select HD4.

star sportsWhy is Star Sports blocked outside India?

Star Sports is available in India and the countries of East Asia. The ISP’s of foreign countries like US, Australia, and New Zealand do not allow streaming of Star Sports, due to copyright issues.

How can I watch Star Sports in the US?

If you search the web for “how to watch Star Sports outside India,” you may get plenty of solutions, but only a few of them are safe. The best and the most reliable solution for watching Star Sports outside the US is VPN service or SmartDNS.

Which VPN to use?

There are plenty of VPN’s available nowadays, but you should choose which suits your geographical location. If you are in the US, you should go for ExpressVPN.

How to use VPN for watching Star Sports in the US?

VPN allows you to unblock content which is not available in your region. When you use a VPN, it changes your IP unblock star sportsaddress and changes your online location.

After selecting the VPN, download and install its app if you are using a mobile phone for streaming. However, if you are using MAC or PC, download the VPN client or software. Once you have installed the app/software, make an account on it and log in to your account.

Now look for an Indian or East Asian server and connect to it as Star Sports is available in that region.

Using SmartDNS

Another way of watching Star Sports in the US is by using a SmartDNS. SmartDNS works same as a VPN except it star sports watch EPL livedoes not change IP address, but configures your DNS settings. With SmartDNS you will also be able to access local sites at the same time.

There are many SmartDNS available, but if you are in the US, you should go for Unlocator. Regardless of your streaming device, you can use VPN and SmartDNS with any streaming device. However, VPN is not compatible with Apple TV and Smart TV.

Star Sports is the best way to watch EPL live. Star Sports live streaming free of cost is only possible via VPN and SmartDNS. Use the VPN and SmartDNS mentioned, and you will be all set to watch Star Sports in the US. Other than EPL, you can watch Indian Channels in the US by using the best VPN service.

It is recommended for you not use free web proxies, as you will not be able to access Star Sports and you may also get a notice from your ISP.

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