How to Install Specto on Kodi

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The Specto Fork came about when Genesis was shut down by law enforcement because of copyright infringement.

But, like many Kodi add-ons, this one wasn’t to die and resurfaced to what we know as the Specto Kodi add-on.

It looks very similar to Exodus, delivers automatic subtitles, and happens to be one of the best video add-ons you can use for movies and TV shows.

Other features allow users to manage accounts such as their IMDB account among others.

Here we will show you how to install the Specto Kodi add-on with the least amount of effort. The steps are straightforward, and you should be up and running in no time at all.

how to add Specto to Kodi

Steps for Installing Specto Fork on Kodi

Before you look at how to add Specto to Kodi, you should know that the same fate that happened to Genesis is being handed out to Kodi users who stream copyrighted content.

It is highly advisable to make use of a VPN before installing any add-on in Kodi or streaming from any streaming site on the internet.

We will run through the best options for privacy and security right after the add-on installation instructions.

  1. The first thing you to do after launching Kodi Krypton is click on the Settings Icon in the top left corner.
  2. Then head to System Settings – Expert Mode and then add-ons.
  3. Enable the allow apps from ‘Unknown Sources.’ With this disabled, you will not be able to install third-party add-ons, such as Specto.
  4. When the warning box pops up, click ‘Yes.’
  5. Now go back to the Kodi home screen
  6. Click on Settings icon at the top left corner next to the power icon.
  7. Select File Manager – This opens the repo link page.
  8. Double click on Add Source.
  9. Click where it says ‘None.’
  10. Type the URL of the repository exactly and click OK >
  11. Give the source a name, so type ‘Kodil’ and click OK
  12. Navigate back to Kodi Main Menu – Click on the Add-ons tab and click the box icon in the top left corner (Package Installer icon).
  13. Select Install from Zip File – search for ‘Kdil’ and click on it. You will see two zip files. Click on It will install the repo automatically.
  14. Click on Install from Repository – Then Kodil Repository – Videos Add–on – Specto Fork and click Install.
  15. Navigate back to the Kodi home screen/ main page – Click add-ons tab – Click Video Add-ons – Specto Fork.
  16. Click the Install option

Specto Fork on Kodi

Specto Not Working

On occasions, Kodi users can be faced with Specto Kodi not working, this can be for a couple of reasons:

No Kodi Stream Available – if you click on any stream and it doesn’t work, you might need to follow this solution.

  1. Go to add-ons, and then to video add-ons
  2. Right click on Specto Fork and then head to the settings
  3. On the left, there will be some tabs
  4. Head to the movie section, and you can see all the sites Specto Fork searches for movies. Turn off the broken links.

Dependency Install Failed – Specto Kodi can be found in various repos, but when you install the Specto add-on, not all these repos are up to date.

To resolve this, install the Kodi add-on from the Kdil repo because this is continually updated.

Specto Fork Installation failure – this can be an internet problem, a repo being shut down or anything which breaks the connection during installation.

The solution for this is to make sure your internet connection is working, and check if the repo is up. If you can’t access it, check another working repo for installation.

Installing Specto on Kodi is simple, and if you have problems, they are easily solved.

The one advantage of Kodi is that it is the same on each device you run it. This makes it as easy to install on a PC, game console or even a FireTV. Not only is this convenient, but it makes all of the installation of Kodi add-ons easy.

The only difference in most cases is to enable of unknown sources on the Android device because it might affect the installation of the add-ons.

VPN for Specto

Using Specto with a VPN

In the beginning, we said Specto was shut down by the law enforcement. As a means of protection against this to end users, it is always advisable to make use of a VPN service.

When using a VPN, all of your data is masked from anyone being able to see what you are doing while online.

This helps in a couple of ways, and the first being ISP’s are renowned for throttling or slowing down connections when users are streaming.

They do this to save bandwidth, but when it is something that has been paid for, it can become very infuriation.

Next up is data retention from the same ISP’s, they are known to gather user information, and if requested by any agency or governing body, they will freely hand it over as a way of protecting themselves.

This is more commonplace with the number of streaming sites that users are flocking to when they want to watch free movies.

It is becoming harder for them to shut these down, as it is with Kodi add-ons that keep appearing in a different guise.

Hitting the end user is their most straightforward option, and this is where the ISP’s can help, and many would hand over user data as protection for themselves.

The VPN of choice is ExpressVPN because it delivers class-leading features, and provides the very best when it comes to encryption and safeguarding user privacy and anonymity while they are online.

To make full use of Specto Fork on Kodi, then this is the VPN service that will help you to do this without any worry.

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