VPNSecure Review

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There are a good many VPN’s on the market, and to help maintain user privacy, many of these are located outside of any governing jurisdiction.

To top this, there is fierce competition between these, so there are special deals galore.

This VPNSecure lifetime subscription review could have been one of the best VPN reviews going as the deal for this was a whopping 94% of the going rate.

VPNSecure Advantages


  • 100% Strict no-logging policy
  • Multiple choice of protocols
  • Free HTTP Proxy and DNS
  • Servers in 48 countries with unlimited switching
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Kill Switch included
  • Good 24/7 user support
  • 30 day trial – with a bandwidth cap


  • Some problems with geo-restrictions
  • The smart DNS component doesn’t use enough channels
  • Australian jurisdiction – 5-eyes
  • Slow download speeds on some servers
  • No server status in client apps

However, the VPNSecure lifetime subscription has long since ended at the moment so we will take a look at this VPN as any other.

What makes this very different is, that instead of being based offshore, they are located in Queensland, Australia which so happens to be a part of the 5-eyes conglomeration, and has some of the most stringent data retention laws in the world.

There is a need to review VPNSecure because for them to protect users, they do have a lot to face up against.

Plans and Pricing

While the lifetime offer no longer exists, the plans offered fall in line with many other VPN services, and for the yearly option, they actually turn out more expensive.

The month plan is pretty close to other providers, so there is hardly a difference.

  • Monthly: $9.95
  • 6-month: $8.32 per month: Billed once every 6-months
  • 12-monthly $6.66 per month: Billed once every 12-months

While this plan is the most basic, there are countless add-ons with an extra cost associated with them. These include:

  • OpenVPN or SSH Dedicated IP’s
  • SSH Plans
  • PPTP Plans
  • Smarter DNS
  • HTTP Proxy plans
  • OpenVPN/SmarterDNS/SSH/HTTP-Proxy

Payment options include Credit card, Bitcoin, PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza and Cashu.

One area where VPNSecure differs is they allow unlimited device connections to their service compared to other VPN’s which usually offer 5 devices.

VPNSecure, unlike some other providers, offers a 7-day money back guarantee. This isn’t long, and it is better to use the free service or the cheap paid for trials so you can test the service.

Key Features


There are three levels of encryption available, and VPNSecure allows users to choose data cipher depending on their requirements.

AES 256 and AES 128 being the more secure, if you need faster speeds, then you can opt for DES-CBC which is the fastest, but with lower levels of security.

OpenVPN is the default protocol, but they do support PPTP and SSH Socks. With the same standards as other providers, users will have absolute piece of mind that they are safe. It was actually good to see, there were no DNS leaks, so they must be doing something right.


One area where VPNSecure excels is their No Logging policy. They promote the fact they hold ZERO logs of any kind.

All of the following are not logged:

  • IP Address
  • Connection and Disconnection Timestamps
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • DNS Requests

However, when you dig deeper, they do state they have the right to monitor user activity if they feel any user is using the service illegally.

The company does retain username and password as well as the email address used to sign up.

Ease of Use

VPNSecure is very easy to use, and once the app is installed, you are prompted to enter login details.

The interface is clean and uncluttered, and it is easy to tell when you are connected or disconnected by the top bar which will be green or red.

In the center, you have your server choices, and to the bottom is your current location, and also your account type. The current IP is also displayed.

Supported Devices

VPNSecure allows unlimited device connections, although they do frown on any piggybacking of devices unless this is a router.


There are a few options open for device connections, although there are not as many as some of the top VPN options.

It supports the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux – OpenVPN app
  • Routers
  • iOS and Android

Supported router installations (Tomato & DD-WRT) do require users to follow the manual setup guides found on the OpenVPN website.


The sign-up procedure is straightforward, and all you need to do is select your plan where you will be asked to enter your email and then your payment option.

You are then taken to the payment confirmation page, and a box then shows with links to the download page.

This includes a couple of other download options for Operating System, SSH SOCKS and the Google Chrome HTTP Proxy.

Once you do all this, you are assigned a password and username that you can change is desired.


Installation is a breeze, and all you need to do is remember the log in details you were supplied with to log in and start the client app.

While being the same as any other application installation, the log in screen looks nicer than the client user interface.

VPNSecure Features

Advanced Features

One of the first advanced features is the VPN’s Smart DNS Component. This is where many different streaming site restrictions can be bypassed. This will include BBC iPlayer, Hulu and many more.

It is geared up to bypassing geographical restrictions and not much in the line of security. The VPN comes with a Kill switch, so this is one of the first steps toward leak protections if users lose their VPN connection.

Stealth VPN feature allows the use of the automatic Obfsproxy that delivers enhanced anonymity for users.

There is also their version of split tunneling that is called Advanced Routing. Here users can set up routing via specific domains or these domains can be excluded from the VPN traffic.

Browser Extensions

There is only one extension, and this is for Chrome. It should be noted, this is only a proxy extension so it can mask your location when you need to appear as if you are in other countries.

For security, it does nothing so you will still remain unprotected. When you take a look at VPN unlimited vs. VPNSecure, there is a significant difference in how their extensions work. Even the feature set is different although the pricing is very similar.


Speed Test

Before doing any speed tests the entire network of VPNSecure was looked at, and it is basically mid-sized at best. The expanse covers 48 countries in 64 cities with 80+ IP’s available.

When contacting the customer service to find how many the 80+ equates to, there is a pool available, but there was no comment to the quantity.

While conducting tests, we saw slowdowns which was apparently due to congestion, but on the flip side, you will be sharing these IP’s with other users, so there is a more significant chance of remaining anonymous to the outside world.

Another point to make is that choosing a city level server takes quite a bit of manual messing about and configuration.

About the actual speeds, these were mediocre, so there was not much to say positively or a negative. Streaming produced buffering a little too often, but it was usable.

Customer Service

Every VPN has one stand out area, and customer support is the one area where VPNSecure excels. They have various means to be contacted, and all are 24/7 which puts many top-tier VPN’s to shame.

Live chat is fast and responsive and also helpful rather than being copy paste replies. This option is there as soon as you visit the website.


Every VPN that has a plus side has a downside, and this is the one for VPNSecure. It can’t access Netflix.

This wasn’t just the US one, it was other locations also. To top this, the iPlayer is only available from one server so this could keel over at any time. Aside from this, it took an eon to load, so HD is out of the question.


Torrenting is supported on 90% of the company’s servers. This is a good thing, but with slow speeds, it may take longer than users wish to wait. It is blocked on three servers. Specifically, these being UK1, UK2, and US10.

Wrap up

Is VPNSecure worth the download and installation, or is it worth letting go and looking for a better alternative? This could be answered either way.

It is a reliable service, and in some cases it is fast, and being anonymous is debatable with it being based in Australia.

There are a few things they do better than many other VPN’s, and the support is one. But, they do lack features, and their network is on the smaller side because it is affecting their performance.

Add in no Netflix and iPlayer, then it doesn’t leave much left for users to be tempted by.

For now, there are much better options, but in time, they may change their service for the better.