Turbo VPN Review

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While there are several VPN’s which support Windows and Mac, Turbo VPN does things very differently.

Turbo VPN is a hugely popular free VPN proxy based in China. It prides itself on having over 50 million installations, but it only supports mobile devices.

This in itself could rule this VPN out of any equation, but there is a workaround to get it working on a Windows PC considering it is a free service (there is a paid for option).

Turbo VPN Advantages

With this in mind, this Turbo VPN review will still take a look at this offering, and see if it can offer decent free VPN services, or it is going to fall flat like many others.


  • High levels of protocol support and encryption
  • No leaks
  • Unblocks Netflix (on premium service)
  • Allows torrenting
  • Free service


  • Zero logging policy questionable
  • Chinese jurisdiction
  • Slow speeds
  • No customer support
  • Very limited device support – mobile only
  • No kill switch
  • Small VPN server network
  • Contains lots of ads (free service)
  • Expensive on premium service

Plans and Pricing

First off, as this is a mobile-only VPN app, you are very limited when it comes to payment options if you do sign up for the premium package.

You can only use either a credit card or debit card, and to top this, it is only available through the iOS store or the Google Play Store.

When it comes to the VIP account, here are the costs:

  • Monthly: $11.99 per month
  • Yearly: $2.99 per month

Key Features


When you download Turbo VPN, you are greeted with the same levels of security and encryption as many paid for apps. They use the best OpenVPN tunneling protocol which comes along with government-level AES-256 encryption.


There isn’t much information on the data that Turbo VPN will and won’t retain. The VPN company claims they are ‘Zero logging,’ but as we know, this is never the case, especially with free VPN’s.

They say they don’t collect data on websites you visit or an IP address that is assigned to users. They also go on to say they don’t collect any transmitted or stored data from the device users are using.

However, there is some data recorded during sessions, this browsing information or any other information which relates to online activities that are transmitted from the user to their servers is cleared once the session is over.

The company is a little unclear, and it seems they are leaving themselves with justification for logging as they claim once you become a user, they will collect stats on user location and behavior. Targeted ads do need to come from somewhere?

Ease of Use

While the interface was easy to navigate. It was hard to select a server, and the turbo VPN app on the mobile device was continually trying to connect to the fastest server.

While many VPN’s connect and secure the entire device, you will find that once you install Turbo VPN, you will also need to install their own browser to be protected. Once you do this, you are then bombarded with ads and lots of them.

The VIP package does away with these, but when you don’t let the app connect to the fastest server, it is at times unusable.

Supported Devices

On the free version, you are allowed 1 device connection, but when you sign up for the VIP package, you are allowed up to 5 connections.


Because this is no free desktop VPN. There are only apps available for iOS and Android.


When you sign up through the app stores, you are immediately offered their 7-day free trial. To do this, it was only a matter of creating a Google Play subscription where the billing would commence after one week.


Now, this can be very easy or complicated. If you make a Turbo VPN download for the intended devices, it installs as easy as any other mobile app. In Android, you just need to download the Turbo VPN apk, once you find it in the Play Store, just hit the install button, and it takes care of itself.

You have the large connect button, and from there it tries to connect to the fastest server. You can change this, and the servers come with small icons and captions which tell you what the servers can connect to (US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.).

If you want Turbo VPN for Windows, this is very different as you will need to install an Android emulator.

If you download Turbo VPN for PC and use an emulator such as Blue Stacks, you will quickly see how to use Turbo VPN because there aren’t many users can choose from. You get exactly the same interface and the large VPN connected button turning green. It will be an Android experience even if using Windows.

Advanced Features

Turbo VPN doesn’t have any advanced features. It even lacks basic features such as a Killswitch and split tunneling.

Browser Extensions

Turbo VPN has no browser extensions as they have their own browser. This is used so they can send targeted ads to users.

Turbo VPN Features


Speed Test

When you use the Turbo VPN, you will be expecting blazingly fast speeds. This appears to be high-level marketing as they came almost bottom of all the tests ever conducted.

In downloads and uploads, there was between 60% to 80% drop-off in connection speeds.

You could put this down to only having 26 servers, but it probably goes much deeper than that.

Customer Service

Turbo VPN doesn’t offer any customer service. They are active on Facebook, but hoping to receive a reply is the best you can hope for.


It is surprising that this VPN can bypass geo-restrictions to access US Netflix, but doing so will not result in a good experience because of their slow speeds. This may change if their dedicated Netflix servers don’t have many users.

Although Netflix could be accessed, the same couldn’t be said for BBC iPlayer.


Turbo VPN allows torrenting. However, many users use desktops to download torrents, and as this is only available on mobiles, it can be awkward unless you use the emulator method. It will also be dreadfully slow to use in any form because of lackluster speeds.

Wrap up

Free VPN’s, on the whole, are never the best options for any user, but Turbo VPN happens to be one of the better, if not the best free VPN you can get.

It does bombard you with ads, and we are unsure what other data they keep. Is Turbo VPN safe to use?

Well, if you are on your mobile and using a public Wi-Fi zone, then by all means, or even as a full-time VPN for your phone, just so long as you don’t send any sensitive information, then it appears to be the best option for no money at all. Is the VIP version worth paying for? Not at all, you are better staying with free.