Trust Zone VPN Review

The Trust.Zone VPN is quite new compared to some of the other providers around and came into being in 2014.

Unlike many, this is based off-shore in the islands of Seychelles. The company name being Trusted Solutions LLC.

With them being quite new, this Trust.Zone review needs to take a look at all they offer and see if they are worth anyone’s investment.

The company logo and motto is “The one you can count on,” but is this true because we have seen so many VPN’s oversell their services.

Trust Zone Review

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  • Registered off-shore no 5-eyes/ 14-eyes
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Easy to use
  • Hi levels of encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth and P2P traffic
  • Kill Switch
  • Chrome and Mozilla extenstions
  • Android and iOS app


  • No Support for IPv6
  • Customer support is available 8 hours per day only

Plans and Pricing

The Trust Zone VPN is one of the cheapest VPN companies you can find. They even offer a 3-day free trial before you decide if they are worth signing up for. This does come with a couple of stipulations:

  • Only 142 locations accessible
  • 1 GB of data transfer
  • Maximum of 3 days use
  • 1 simultaneous connection

When you move to the paid package, you get the following on top of what is available in the free one.

  • 170 accessible locations
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 3 simultaneous connections (5 devices in the 2-year plan)
  • Unlimited server switching

All these features are the same for the plans they have available, but there are add-ons you can purchase. You can add a personal dedicated static IP address or an additional 3 device connections.

Payment options are abundant. These include Credit card, PayPal, WebMoney, bank transfer, Qiwi Wallet,, and Bitcoin, and 2 other cryptos. These latter 3 offer a 10% discount.

The difference comes in their money-back guarantee as it isn’t exactly a no argument one, and there are some stipulations and is quite restrictive:

  1. Notify via email within 10 days of sign up to qualify for a refund.
  2. Bandwidth usage must not be more than 1GB, for a 100% refund.
  3. It can take 20 days to receive a refund.
  4. If paid via Bitcoin, any refund will be processed using the Bitcoin exchange rate for the date the refund is issued. This isn’t the date you paid or the date you asked for a refund.

Because of this, any user who considers this VPN service should take advantage of the trial option first.

Key Features

Trust Zone VPN Key FeaturesPrivacy

Trust.Zone uses 256-bit AES encryption that is virtually unbreakable and allows users the option of OpenVPN and L2TP. OpenVPN is an industry-standard and used by most VPN providers and customers.

In addition to AES-256, the service uses RSA-4096 as the handshake encryption of choice. They also use a self-signed SSL certificate for its software. We could not find any DNS or WebRTC leak while using the service.

Results were consistent on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android, so the device in use should not matter. There is a minor problem: there is no support for IPv6!


Trust.Zone has a strict no-logging policy, so it will not log traffic, DNS queries, bandwidth usage, timestamps, number of sessions, etc.

It only calculates the MBs spent by users of the 1GB free trial option. It will also keep something concerning the 3 device usage, but these won’t relate to the user.

This policy reassures, that while DMCA’s illegal file-sharing notifications are being reviewed, “Since we do not store any connection logs, we cannot associate a request with the customer’s identity, even legally.”

Ease of Use

The Trust.Zone client looks like a smartphone app. It has a large connect and disconnect shield in the upper portion while at the bottom you have server, settings, status, and exit.

The Server tab shows available servers, and the status indicates if you are online. Settings allow access to your account and preferences.

Regular updates every month.

All in all, it is easy to use on Windows; the problem comes in other areas.

Trustzone Android app

Supported Devices

With 3 or 5 devices being allowed to connect at once, there will be a difference in platforms. This is one area where Trust.Zone falls.

Outside of Windows client, there is support for Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, DD-WRT, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Smart TVs, and more.

The problem is, there are no clients for these apart from Windows. Trust.Zone supplies set-up instructions to enable support on these other platforms.


Trust.Zone also has an Android app (
iOS App will be coming soon


This process is simple all you do is select the plan, then choose any optional extras you require followed by the payment option you wish to use.

Once you tick to accept the terms of service, then you hit the BUY NOW button and then you are asked for your email address.

Next, you create a password and complete the CAPTCHA; this is followed by the register button. You will then receive an email where you activate your account.

You are redirected to the website where you can download the Windows client.


There isn’t much to do with setting up on Windows. Installing is the same as any other Windows software.

At the end of the installation, you have the options to:

  • Run the VPN.
  • Auto connects the VPN.
  • Start with Windows and the KillSwitch.

All there is to do then is to select any server you wish and click on it. You are now protected, and all your data is tunnelled to that particular server.

Advanced Features

Trust.Zone disappointingly comes with no advanced features. The Kill Switch appearing to be the most advanced feature it possesses.

It should be noted, there is DNS leak protection, but it is turned off by default, however, during testing, we found no leaks.

Browser Extensions

There are no browser extensions available from with Trust Zone VPN.

Trust Zone VPN Performance and Server locations

Get Trust Zone VPN


All VPN’s do impact speed because of the extra processing required. So when we performed the speed tests, we were not sure what to find.

New York

  • Ping: 105ms
  • Download speed: 216Mbps
  • Upload: 207Mbps

London (Read our Best UK VPN Guide)

  • Ping: 70ms
  • Download speed: 207Mbps
  • Upload: 210Mbps

Amsterdam (Read our Best Netherlands VPN Guide)

  • Ping: 25ms
  • Download speed: 216Mbps
  • Upload: 222Mbps

Hong Kong

  • Ping: 300ms
  • Download speed: 105Mbps
  • Upload: 96.Mbps

These results were approximately 30% slower than without using the VPN and may be attributed to them only having 164 servers in 31 countries. This is a very small network and way of the best VPN service figures for equipment.

Customer Service

This is another area where the company falls. You can only contact the customer support by filling in a support ticket, and they are just working 5 days per week and from 6.0am until 4.0pam (GMT+0).

There have been some customers asking ‘Is Trust.Zone Legit?” This appears to be because they have tried searching for the company, and have come up blank.

Many VPN’s are shrouded in a cloud of mystery to a certain extent, so this is nothing new. They have been operating since 2014, so they are no flash in the pan.


Trust.Zone offers dedicated static IP addresses for streaming in the US, UK, Australia, France and Germany (starting from 1.95 euro/mo)
It guarantees 100% Netflix quality!

Trustzone Chrome App


For all the downloaders out there. Trust.Zone does allow torrenting and on all of its VPN servers.

It manages to do all this, but with slightly slower speeds than you may be used to. It is suitable for them that they don’t throttle their connection, or they would be looking terrible.

It also managed to hide anything that could trackback to a user, so users are hidden from view in this respect.

Wrap Up

Is Trust.Zone a good VPN? After all the testing, and being able to see what it delivers, it’s a VPN service worth giving a go.

Regular updates and plenty in the pipeline make this service is a real contender in a very competitive market. (Exclusive for VPNandGo Readers – use the coupon code “VPNANDGO” and get 10% off!)