What is Putlockers New Site 2020?

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If you love watching the latest movies, then there is no doubt you have heard of Putlocker. It is one of the most well-known sites that serves up HD movies online.

The site began in 2011 in the UK where over the years it has faced being shut down because it was breaking the law.

The site was packed full of content and was full of Putlockers movies, and when searching you could scroll to the bottom of the categories list to find the subcategory of Putlocker TV shows.

TL;DR How to Privately Access Putlocker

  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) tracks every website you visit
  • Using a VPN stops them tracking what websites you visit thus keeping you anonymous
  • We’ve tested a lot of VPN providers, and the best VPN for Putlocker is ExpressVPN.
  • As well as a being super-fast, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it is risk-free!.

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Is Putlocker Safe?

With the original site or one of the many clones, you are bombarded with annoying pop-ups. This, however, is pretty common for sites like Putlocker.

Aside from this, the original streaming website or the site which is currently up is safe, however, if you visit any of the unofficial proxies or portals you can potentially become infected from malware.

For this reason, you should be making use of a good ad-blocker which will prevent anything from running in the background while at the same time cutting back on the annoying ads.

Putlockers New Site

Is Putlocker Legal?

This question is debatable because the Putlocker site states they don’t store any files relating to pirated content.

However, back in 2016, the site was blocked in the UK, and with plenty of threats of legal trouble and being targeted by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) Putlocker found itself shut down for hosting pirated movies.

But, like many sites of this nature, when one is shut down, there are many which spring up, and Putlocker was no different when at least 50 mirrors of Putlocker sprung up on the web.

Many of these streaming services are near identical, so nowadays it is hard to say which is the real one, and which are mirrors. As days go by, many of these are also taken down, only to spring up with another domain name.

Here are a few examples of the domain names for sites like Putlockers you can find.

www1.putlockers.am, Putlocker-today.com, Putlocker.to, and putlocker123-movies.com

Saying this, there is no certainty these sites will be working by the time you manage to check.

Putlocker Alternatives

With all the attention that is focused on Putlocker and the movies and TV shows you can watch for free, it could be time to look for alternatives, and at the same time looking at protecting your connection.

Here we will take a quick look at where you can watch movies and TV shows in high quality, and then followed by the best ways you can secure your connection.

This way you can visit any streaming site without your ISP or the MPAA being able to see where you are visiting.


It so happens that the first alternative to Putlocker is in many cases far superior. When you first visit the site, all you are presented with is a search box. However, as soon as you were typing the site begins showing results.

This option doesn’t work for TV shows, but if you want free movies, then this could be the ideal place which to visit.

Like many other sites you can visit for streaming movies, this has changed its domain name from the title, but even if you type Solarmoviez.to, you will be directed to solarmoviez.ru.

Because of the very minimal home page (think Google), the site is smooth as silk in operation and because search results are delivered as you type, there is no need to hit the enter button.

You can also click on the ‘view all’ once you have searched. This will then fill the page with movie covers like many other sites.

If there were one downside it would be the selection is a little mixed. You have popular movies and also a host of obscure titles. If you have a decent internet connection, you can watch movies without a hitch. (Take a look at our Solarmoviez guide)


This site has been around for a while and follows a very familiar format. Although it is called 123movies, it is at home if you are watching movies and TV shows rather than only wanting to watch one.

The homepage has a large ‘Play Now’ and a ‘Download’ button which appears to do nothing but open an annoying pop-up or two.

Under this, you have all the familiar movies covers with the IMDB rating and brief description, and also the genre the movie is in.

The one difference with this site for streaming movies is, you are presented with multiple servers you can choose from.

Solar above doesn’t give this option, so when you go to watch your favorite movies, Solar must be picking the best streams.

At the top of the page, you have a search function, but this is nowhere near as good in operation as Solarmoviez.

123movies.la as you will find the link is also lists an extensive amount of subdirectory for a different genre, country and year as well as box office, trending, and TV-today.

Putlocker Privacy

Get ExpressVPN and Access Putlocker Anonymously

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What’s This About Protecting Privacy?

Putlocker wasn’t alone in attracting lots of attention and being looked at as if it was committing illegal activities.

The MPAA will target anyone who it thinks is committing piracy. Additionally, ISP’s around the world are monitoring users online activities.

They might not have anything to worry about at the moment, but as days go on, the more substantial the personal profile that is being built becomes. ISP’s can see what IP address you are visiting, and where the connection is coming from.

This means to be secure, and for you to visit any of the streaming services safely, you should use VPN services.

These will mask your connection and will prevent your ISP or the MPAA from spying on you, and additionally, it is possible for you to bypass any geo-blocked content from around the globe.

These VPN’s do their job well, or most of them do. Some are unscrupulous, and sorting the good from the bad can be a challenge.

To make it easy, you can read the reviews of the best VPN’s and see which one continually tops the charts.

If you want to be safe, then that’s the VPN to go for.

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