How to Get Unbanned from Omegle

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What is Omegle?

It’s a social media site favorite because you can use it without any registration. No, you don’t even need to pay them. It’s a chatting portal where people go to make friends, and it can be addictive and at times, irritating.

Why? It’s because of the regular captcha and banning the users.
The support team monitors the chats and wants a trouble-free experience for its users. And to achieve the same, they put captcha to keep the system free of bots and spammers.

TL;DR Unblock Omegle Quick Guide

  • Omegle uses your IP to track you and you can easily be banned via your IP address.
  • To unban yourself from Omegle, you need to change your IP, and this is simple to do.
  • A VPN Service does exactly that – makes it super easy to change your IP address.
  • We’ve tested a lot of VPN providers, and the best VPN for Omegle is ExpressVPN.
  • As well as a great service, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it is risk-free!.

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They also ban the users who spam and sometimes, by mistake. If you are one of them and want to know how long does an Omegle ban lasts, there’s no definite answer.

But you can get past this ban, and I will also give you few tips on how to get rid of captcha on Omegle? But first, the possible reason(s) for your ban.

Why Omegle banned you?

“You have been banned from Omegle due to possible terms of service violations by you, or someone else using your computer or network.” If you don’t know what you violated, you should know that you are not allowed to play music while you are chatting. Were you?

how to get unbanned from omegleAnother reason can be someone reporting you for malicious behavior, for fun. The team is quick on user reports, and it’s difficult to check for the correctness.

You can wait for them to unban you and exactly how long do Omegle bans last? Although the bans usually get lifted in a few hours, it may take a week or months. Check below to know how to start using Omegle again and get unbanned from Omegle.

By the way, you should also know that getting frequent disconnects can also lead Omegle to ban you. If people keep dropping you, at quick intervals, the Omegle team may take you as a spammer. It also is why you start seeing the captcha.

Getting dumped by people does mean something is wrong with you. But many times, it means the stranger(s) on the other side didn’t like you.

Now that you know of the reasons, let’s help you reaccess Omegle and remove Omegle bans.

Re-plug your router

Taking out your router and plugging it again after 5-10 minutes can help if you an Internet service with Dynamic IP system. The system assigns you a new IP address each time you connect to the service. If this IP address is different from the previous one, which Omegle banned, you can start chatting again.

To check if yours is a Dynamic IP system, press Windows + R on your keyboard. In the “Run…” box that opens, type cmd, and Enter. In the window, type ipconfig /all and Enter.

You will see a lot of details but look for DHCP Enabled somewhere near the end. And if it’s Yes, you can try this method.

Proxy websites

A somewhat temporary workaround is to use one of the many proxy websites you can find by a simple Google search.

You connect with an IP address of a third-party server, and Omegle doesn’t see your IP address. It’s a quick solution but doesn’t work every time. When you try to open your favorite chat site, you may find the proxy website not working.

The error from Omegle “Error connecting to the server, please try again” is what many users are welcomed with. While your next thought can be “Is Omegle down?” the answer is “No.”

You get this error because the proxy website is no longer allowed to access Omegle. That’s why I said it’s a temporary solution.

These two ways mentioned above can also help you get rid of the annoying captcha tests. And you can also try to clear cache and cookies in your browser or use a different browser.

You can even ask their support staff and tell them you aren’t a spammer. If none of it works and you still see those captchas or are banned, get the help of VPN providers.

How to Get Unbanned from Omegle – Get Omegle VPN

You can check the ExpressVPN review to know how reliable it is, and it can help you unban from Omegle. When you connect to a VPN server, it masks your IP address and also encrypts the connection.

ExpressVPN has fast server speeds and won’t interrupt your chat sessions midway. With a new IP address, you can use Omegle as if never banned.

But, not all VPN services work. It’s because some Omegle bans won’t open with a VPN running on your device. You will get the “Error connecting to server” message if you try.

The reason behind this is VPN servers assign shared IP addresses. Many users use an IP address, which makes user identification difficult for Omegle.

But ExpressVPN works. <== Get 3 Months for FREE with our limited time only offer.

Good luck with making more friends!

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