ExpressVPN vs. NordVPN


When researching different VPN providers in your hunt for the best one to meet all your needs. You will find there are countless factors and features to consider when deciding.

Any search can lead you to end up with two on your list; ExpressVPN and NordVPN are two of the biggest names in the VPN sector.

While both are wonderful options, only one can come out on top in this comparison.

ExpressVPN and NordVPN Comparison

In our ExpressVPN vs. NordVPN guide, we will examine and test both of these heavyweight VPN’s in different areas.

If you’ve been weighing up the benefits about which VPN service to choose, our comparison guide will help answer your questions, and make your purchasing options easier.


ExpressVPN and NordVPN each offer multiple VPN protocols. The best of these being OpenVPN. If you want the highest security level, you should use this one.

The encryption processing for OpenVPN can be a bit slower than with lighter protocols; however, with the recent data breach by NordVPN, ExpressVPN wins on security. ExpressVPN also wins out on encryption standards, with 4096 against 2,048-bit key on Nord.

Both VPN apps come with kill switch; DNS leak protection, so they both offer military-grade security features.


NordVPN is based outside any 5-eyes country in Panama. However, their payment processing goes through a US-based company. Panama may have also been in cooperation with US authorities.

However, on the surface, Nord does a good job of keeping the user’s data private. In comparison, you can see in our ExpressVPN review; this VPN locates itself in the British Virgin Islands.

Both companies are zero activity log retaining VPN’s yet ExpressVPN does keep some non-identifying connection logs.

It does this for technical support and solving issues, and there is no data, which can identify a user back to any particular connection.

Both ExpressVPN or NordVPN allows users to sign up with only an email and pay by cryptocurrencies for more privacy. Nord can pass a VPN connection over multiple servers to add to security, yet this makes connections considerably slower.

Content Unblocking

ExpressVPN offers the best unblocking experience, as it is the number one streaming VPN. In the real world, this doesn’t mean Nord falls behind because it does a great job of unblocking most of the leading streaming platforms.

Both VPN’s unlock the following quickly:

Channel 4, ITV, BBC iPlayer, NBC, CBS, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others. When you come to unblock Netflix, ExpressVPN inches out in front. It efficiently unblocks more libraries from various locations, although US Netflix being accessible with either VPN. NordVPN works in China too

Both are suitable for use with Kodi, and torrents are catered for equally as well, although ExpressVPN allows torrenting on a higher number of servers.

VPN Apps

When you compare Nord vs. ExpressVPN, they both support a wide range of devices. However, by default, ExpressVPN does have client apps for more devices than any VPN.

Apps install as easy as each other, and when it comes to changing locations, Nord does have a slightly easier option with a map-based solution. Yet, this isn’t an efficient use of space as the clean, professional interface of ExpressVPN.

Out of the box, you find the more common operating systems get full support with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. Both services offer setup guides for routers, and they both offer associations with some router vendors where the VPN comes pre-installed.

One thing you get when setting up various devices is, you need to log in to the ExpressVPN website to get an activation code before your devices can be accessed.

Best VPN ExpressVPN

Servers and VPN Performance

NordVPN has the biggest VPN server number of the two companies. It delivers 5,200 plus servers in comparison to ExpressVPN’s 3,000 plus. It may appear to be a huge advantage, yet when you check server location, ExpressVPN full ahead with 94+ countries in comparison to Nord’s 59 countries.

When running a speed test, you find these are two of the fastest and most reliable VPN’s of all.

While Nord edges in front a little with faster download speed on a few occasions, you do see the tables turn the further away you go, and ExpressVPN pulls back.

Customer Support

Any VPN does need an excellent customer support service. Both of these contenders are at the very top and offer live chat as well as email ticket support. If you check out a NordVPN review, you do see it trails in response times for emails.

ExpressVPN typically gives a reply within the hour, and that is quite rare for email.


NordVPN offers more features to keep your IP address out of sight and is why it is the most secure VPN.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, offers features in another direction. Secure DNS, obfuscation, and the MediaStreamer Smart DNS (Nord does have a SmartDNS feature).

ExpressVPN servers use TrustedServer, where they run in RAM, and no data is written to disk. Besides, the VPN browser extensions now use HTTPS and are externally audited.

Nord does now include a new feature in the CyberSec. With this enabled, you can avoid ads and protect your device from malware.


There is a lot to like about both of these VPNs. So much so in some cases, it could be hard to recommend one over the other.

ExpressVPN does cost a little more, but for this, you do get more, useful features, and a service that leads the field in many areas.

NordVPN comes a very close second and does do a couple of things the other doesn’t offer.

However, new features are added all the time, and when ExpressVPN adds these, then it means they will be inching further ahead and offering even better value for money.

ExpressVPN vs. NordVPN

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