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As the Monster NASCAR Cup Series kicks off, most racing fans are eager to watch NASCAR live feeds, or NASCAR lives streaming free.

For people looking to watch the races online instead of on TV on NBCSN, FOX SPORTS GO, etc., there might be some issues relating to not being able to watch the races like the NASCAR Sprint Cup live.

NASCAR Live Online

Best VPN for Nascar

This may be because of errors relating to their geographical locations, as some streaming channels are not available in some countries.

But don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for all racing fans who want to watch NASCAR live online. This post will show you how to use two different methods to bypass geo-blocking controls to watch NASCAR live online.

How to watch NASCAR Live Online

You can use sites like or Nascarlivetv to watch NASCAR live streams. However, to get over the problem of geo-blocking, you can do one of two things:
Both these methods are relatively simple, and have their disadvantages and advantages, depending on your preferences.

By Using a Smart DNS Proxy

NASCAR smart dns proxyBy using a Smart DNS (Domain name system) proxy, your domain name is changed so that sites are tricked into believing that you are allowed to access their site.

The good thing about Smart DNS proxies is that they only mask the activity that is related directly to your location. This gives them more speed and bandwidth than VPNs. Also, with DNS proxies you can access multiple locations at once, so basically you can stream from a geo-locked French site as well as a geo-locked British site.

The major drawback of them though is that your online activity is not encrypted, so your data is at a security risk.Also, Smart DNS only provides access to sites added on its provider’s list.

It’s straightforward to use Smart DNS proxy, all you have to do is switch your DNS server to the device you are using at the time. And then you are good to watch a NASCAR race today live.

By Using a VPN

VPNS (virtual private networks) allow users to connect to private networks via internet service provider and then VPN servers. To use VPN you first need a VPN server.

There are multiple VPN servers that people can use. The best VPN servers are IPVanish VPN, Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, etc.

My personal preference is ExpressVPN which has over 500 different servers from 168 different locations. It also has excellent 24-hour support.

The good thing about VPNs is that they keep your entire data online safe through encryptions. They change your whole location to be coming from a different country e.g., UK if you are based in Australia. They also give you access to all sites depending on your rerouted location.

Best VPN for Nascar

The main drawback is that they are a bit slower than DNS proxies.
You can easily use a VPN to change your online location to watch Nascar live to stream through “Apps for all mobile and desktop OS.”

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