Limetorrents Unblocked: How to Safely and Privately Access Lime Torrents


With the unexpected farewell of sites like KickAss and ExtraTorrent in 2017, many other sites came to take their space.

One such site is LimeTorrents isn’t a new entry in the market, and it’s in existence since 2009 but remained mostly dormant.


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Not only LimeTorrents movies files are of good quality, but you will find high-quality verified torrent files in other categories also.

LimeTorrents caters to all sorts of entertainment including TV shows, music, and games. The site indexes torrents of all the popular TV series. And because of the popularity, even LimeTorrents is blocked in many countries.

Is LimeTorrents safe?

Lime Torrents website is safe to use. You can use the LimeTorrents search engine to get to your desired torrent files or browse the categories for some inspiration.

You select the file and then download it. Its quick and the site shows no ads, popups or shady maze of links to get the content you want to download.

But the content you download may not be reliable. The site only provides links to the content and does not host any.

Lime Torrents like other torrent sites uses the P2P BitTorrent protocol to transfer content between users, and nothing is available on its servers.

The search engine works well, and you can use it to search through all torrents or filter files of a particular genre. LimeTorrents has files for TV shows, movies, music, games, applications and also anime.

Is Lime Torrents legal?

Most of the torrents listed there contain copyrighted materials, and while torrenting is legal, piracy is not. The site allows its users to download files for free which are available for a premium price elsewhere.

Movies and latest TV episodes are made available soon after they finish airing. Licensed music and applications are also available there to download.

And because of all such reasons LimeTorrents stands blocked in various regions around the world. But in this Lime Torrents review, I will show you how to unblock LimeTorrents with VPN.

VPN for LimeTorrents

Because of the bans imposed by ISPs around the world, many LimeTorrents proxy websites are now available which lets you access it without restriction. But the proxy sites have some security issues including (but not limited to) malware.

Not only those sites contain ads but also annoying popups and links that redirect you to other websites.

So, while you try to download an episode of Agents of Shield, a malware that pretends to be shield starts downloading in the background. Not only that, a large number of popups can consume a significant amount of system resources.

But with a VPN for torrenting, you can escape all the problems associated with the Lime Torrents proxy websites.

Some of the recommended service providers include ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Taking them as examples, I am telling you how to bypass LimeTorrents block.

Use ExpressVPN for LimeTorrents

ExpressVPN has servers all around the world and what purpose do they serve? To unblock LImeTorrents in US, the only thing you need to do is to connect to an ExpressVPN server in another country. When you connect to a server, say, in Europe, the device gets a European IP address.

LimeTorrents and VPN

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Now, when you open you won’t see any “website blocked” errors or similar things. The server encrypts the connection and also gives you a different IP address.

So, in no way does your ISP know that you are browsing LimeTorrents. All that the ISP gets information about is some data transfer between you and the VPN server.

Another reputed VPN service is NordVPN. It’s similar to ExpressVPN and has secure encryption. Both the service providers redirect your traffic through their encrypted servers and thus, protecting your rights to online privacy. Also, they don’t affect the network speed.

Other than the security issues which users face with the proxy websites, VPNs also keep you safe from government surveillance. They hide your network activity while you are connected to their server.

Beware of mirror sites

Because the government blocked LimeTorrents, many websites copied its look-and-feel, and work under an identical name.

But since is still operating, it’s better to subscribe to a VPN service and use the original version. It will keep you safe from malware, popup ads and malicious third-party websites.

And VPN encrypting the data transfer is an added benefit.

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