Keepsafe VPN Review


Keepsafe is a well-known brand and offers many products such as Keepsafe Photo Vault. Here, users can keep video, private photo, or documents secure.

While you can join the other millions of users who use a pin code to access their photo gallery and have online access to photo and video.

It is very different from a VPN, and this is the job of our Keepsafe VPN review.

Keepsafe VPN

Many users will have mixed feelings about the VPN we are looking at in our Keepsafe review.

However, we need to find out if this VPN service is a viable option and does as intended, keeps users safe, and protects your personal information.

Recommended For:

  • Public Wi-Fi hotspot use
  • Mobile users
  • Users who want to remain anonymous


  • One week free trial
  • Auto connection feature
  • Easy to use interface
  • Zero logging policy
  • 10 simultaneous connections


  • Short money-back guarantee
  • Slow speeds
  • Doesn’t access Netflix

Plans and Pricing

Once you look at the pricing of this mobile VPN, it comes with a price that isn’t much different from other VPN’s that work on desktops.

Monthly$9.99Billed as $9.99 per month

Once you head to the company website, you have all the legal information such as on this website; you agree to use cookies, etc. However, when you try to find the pricing of the online security app, you find it doesn’t show.

It is when you install the app and come to the end of your free trial (7 days), it presents you will a payment wall and all the payment choices. The most common options being on offer.

We were taken aback in our Keepsafe app review to find the Keepsafe Premium trial only extends to the photo app, and here you get one month free.

Key Features


Any user who decides to install Keepsafe will find they are secure as the main protocols and encryption levels you expect are in use. In testing, there were no visible leaks.

The secure VPN protects your personal data by creating an encrypted tunnel with AES-256 encryption for internet activity that hides your location.


When using the app, it was good to see that there is zero-logging from the company, so all user data cannot be handed over should anyone decide to ask. The company claims no tracking ever, a bold claim, and one they appear to maintain.

Ease of Use

Supported devices

Users will be surprised to find they can have up to 10 simultaneous connections on one account. This means you can stay safe on all a home’s multiple devices.


One of the downsides of the VPN service is that it only runs on Android and iOS. Currently, the only way for it to run on Windows is first to install Bluestacks, an Android emulator.


You can try Keepsafe online free for the first week without handing over any information. Once you come to the end of your trial, the information you need to divulge is minimal and only covers your payment.


The app comes with a very easy setup. The user interface is well laid out and easy to navigate. Just head to the Apple or Android store and install as you would any application.

Keepsafe VPN Features

Advanced Features

Keepsafe VPN is a bit thin when it comes to advanced features. However, it does an excellent job of securing information when you browse on a public network.

Here, the auto-connect feature kicks into play, and once it senses unsecured networks, the VPN automatically turns on to keep you safe.

Such a feature makes it perfect as tracker blockers when you are using a public Wi-Fi network or another open source of internet connection.

Using cellular data is equally well protected if you are away from a public hotspot.

Browser Extensions

There are no browser extensions available, yet there used to be the Keepsafe browser, yet it appears this doesn’t exist any longer.


Speed Test

For a mobile VPN, it was nice to see decent browsing speeds considering they have such a small network.
With only 16 locations that include the USA and UK along with some others, it was nice to see your device doesn’t lag too much when using a VPN.

Customer Service

Customer service is only supported via email, so if you expect a quick response, then you may find yourself waiting longer than you hope.


The VPN doesn’t unblock Netflix and struggles with near enough every other streaming platform.


In the same way, as this VPN fails for streaming, it doesn’t bode well for torrenting. The company doesn’t state anything about their stance, yet the speeds may be poor while trying to download any files of this magnitude.

Wrap Up

While there is plenty to like about this mobile VPN. Many things bring negatives. There is a severe lack of features, and the onus is purely on security.

However, the price for this is high, and even with ten connections, that is a large number of mobile devices one household can have.

Besides this, the small network is a worry, because it doesn’t appear to have grown while the company has been in operation.

Any user who wants to be safe online and does use public connections, then you can find the VPN delivers a decent experience.

What is most concerning is the lack of information regarding some of the company products, and it is hard to gauge whether it is a worthy recommendation, or if the VPN service will exist over time.

Bottom Line

If you need good security outside a trusted network, Keepsafe VPN does a decent job.

Keepsafe VPN Review


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