How To Get Unblocked From Facebook


While many users use Facebook without issue, you may find some of your friends are annoying. While you can block them to keep them quiet for a while, it can come as a shock when you find you are blocked and don’t know why.

Worst is, it could be Facebook itself that has blocked you rather than someone you know.

Here you can find out how to unblock yourself on Facebook to carry on chatting with friends or accepting requests from people you don’t know.

By the end, the result will be that you can learn how to Facebook unblock various ways.

Unblock Yourself on Facebook

What is Facebook Jail?

Instead of being a real jail, it is used for anyone who goes too far against Facebook’s guidelines.

Here, you can find your account blocked or banned from posting anything to the site, and you can’t access your account because of spammy behavior or violations.

If things are too bad, the worst thing that can happen is you have your Facebook account deleted as well as for them to delete all Facebook posts.

Here are a few ways to help on FB, how to unblock ‘The Jail’

Don’t Send Friend Requests to People You Don’t Know

What happens here is you send friend requests to a person may not know, and they are ignored, or they are marked as unwelcome. Make sure you only send a friend request to a person you know.

Be Careful What You Do

While many individuals don’t read the terms and conditions, it can be these that catch them out.

The following are prohibited actions:

  • No nudity or sexually suggestive content.
  • No hate speech, threats, or direct attacks toward individuals or groups.
  • No content of self-harm or excessive content.
  • No fake or impostor timelines.
  • No SPAM.

If you conduct any of the following, you can find your account disabled:

Continued, Prohibited Behavior.

Unsolicited contact with other users. Including harassing behavior, constant advertising or promotions.

Sign up using Fake Names to create fake profiles, or you sign up and impersonate another person.

One way to find Facebook blocked me from posting is sending too many messages. Many can be seen as spam, as can sending a high number of messages in a short period.

One other is to operate your social media profile as a business rather than a page. You may do this by mistake, yet pages are there for businesses, and which profiles are not. (Read How To See Who Looks At Your Facebook Profile)

FB How to Unblock

If you unblock a person, they can see your posts that you share in public. However, they won’t be automatic friends on Facebook. You do need to send a friend request to become friends.

  • Click on the top right of Facebook.
  • Select your Settings & Privacy, then Settings.
  • In the left-hand column of Settings, Select Blocking.
  • In your Block Users section, you can see a list of people you’ve blocked.
  • Select Unblock at the side of the person you wish to unblock.
  • Click on Confirm to unblock the person.

Note: If you unblock someone, you won’t have the chance to block that person again a few days.

Tips on how to Unblock on Facebook

How to Get Unblocked On Facebook

Here are the steps to submit an unblock request and how to get unblocked on Facebook.

  1. Make sure your account has been disabled (enter your email and password and try to log in on the sign-up page. If you see the message ‘account disabled, you have been blocked).
  2. Open your ‘My Facebook account has been disabled’ page on a computer with this link. Go to
  3. Click on the ‘submit an appeal link’ to the right-hand side of ‘If you think your account was disabled by mistake, please’ text near the bottom of the section.
  4. Doing so opens the appeal form.
  5. You may need to log out, close your browser, and re-open it after clearing your cookies.
  6. Next, enter your email address and or phone number you use to log in to Facebook (it may ask you to add a re-captcha or security code)
  7. Enter your full name
  8. Upload a picture of your ID (front and back of valid ID, not one from your profile picture)
  9. Select choose files
  10. Select the pictures to upload
  11. Click open
    Add the Appeal Details
  12. Add any information in the additional info box
  13. Your account was hijacked, a friend marked your posts as spam, or you have more evidence someone may be responsible for actions that led to your account closure
  14. Click send and wait

It can take up to 30-days for you to be out of Facebook jail, and on your way to unblocking on Facebook. You may get a reply to your email account showing their answer on your appeal and highlighting their privacy policy why your appeal has or hasn’t been accepted.

How to Get Unblocked in Facebook

If you want to try another way rather than contacting the help center and waiting for a mail coming to your email address, a person may be able to help to get Facebook unblocked.

First, confirm you have been blocked by a friend (confirm before you retaliate and delete Facebook of any signs of them).

Try to find out why the person may have blocked you

Find a way to contact them outside of Facebook may send a message to their email address

Ask why you were blocked in a friendly manner (you may find it was an accident)

If things are okay between you, ask them to unblock you

If you have had enough of Facebook; and decide it isn’t worth the effort. Alternatively, you wish to tighten up your security while online, you can tighten up your security settings inside your Facebook account.

While this does good things for inside Facebook, you need to protect yourself outside the platform. A VPN can easily do this through military-grade encryption.

You will find that no one can intercept your Facebook account communications and break into your account and lead you to be blocked without you knowing.

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