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Netflix launched in Japan in 2015, and since then, it has been gaining popularity in Japan. Such is their growth that the Japanese Netflix library surpasses the size of the USA by a margin.

While there may be many shows and movies that are not of interest, the most significant draw can be the vast volumes of Netflix Japanese anime there is in the library.

If you wonder how to get access to Netflix in Japan, you can learn here how easy it is. Besides, you can find out how to watch it from anywhere, and more.

Watch Japanese Netflix

Why Can’t I Watch Japanese Netflix Outside Japan?

The primary reason you can’t access the Japanese catalog outside Japan is territorial licensing restrictions. Much of the content only has a license to be broadcast in particular regions.

Although Netflix as a company purchases these rights, it only allows them to show in that particular region, hence the reason for so much Netflix Japanese subtitles.

In addition, if you try and access this catalog from outside Japan, your device will show an IP address that is not on the list of permitted, and you will face the Netflix proxy error.

How to Watch Japanese Netflix Anywhere in the World

Note that access to Netflix Japan will not be as technical or complicated as it may sound. Actually, the only thing you need is a Japanese IP address. (Read Best VPN for Japan)

The only reliable way to get a Japanese IP address is through using a Netflix VPN. Netflix does check if a VPN is in use, although there are a handful of VPN services that can still bypass the Netflix restrictions.

The other, besides a Netflix VPN, is that you need a Netflix account, although you can sign up for this from your home country. New subscribers to Netflix have a 30-day free trial, so it is worth signing up to check if the service works for you.

Once you learn how to change countries on Netflix, you will see there is no reason not to miss any shows when using a VPN.

Log out of your Netflix account and clear the cache on your browser

  1. Head to your desired VPN website (Use one of our recommendations below)
  2. Sign up for your VPN (many offer a 30-days money-back guarantee)
  3. Install and log in to the VPN client
  4. Change the VPN server to one in Japan from the list
  5. Open the Netflix Japan website or the Netflix Japan app as you would normally
  6. You should see the Japanese catalog displayed rather than your local Netflix.

Now your Netflix VPN changes IP addresses, Netflix Japan thinks you are inside the country. Therefore, you can carry on streaming anime or watching Japanese TV in the US as if you were there.

VPN to Watch Netflix Japan

Best VPNs to Watch Netflix Japan

1. ExpressVPN

Refund30-day money-back guarantee
LocationThe British Virgin Islands


  • Industry best geo-restriction unblocking
  • Buffer-free streams on all servers
  • Leading privacy and security features
  • An extensive network of optimized VPN servers
  • Live chat 24/7 customer support


  • Not many configuration options
  • Five device limit

ExpressVPN ranks as the best and fastest VPN with Netflix for streaming from any catalog. It integrates high transfer speeds, 256-bit AES military encryption, and perfect forward secrecy.

It covers 94 different countries with over 3,100 servers, and the plug-and-play option guarantees security and anonymity for your streaming or torrenting from any region.

ExpressVPN offers a no traffic log policy, and since they are resident in the BVI, there is no need to worry about data retention laws.

Applications include an effective kill switch to safeguard your IP in the event of connection loss and support bufferless streaming and P2P on all servers. The client applications support Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and some Wi-Fi routers.

You can also install the MediaStreamer service, which allows you to stream anime or movies by bypassing the restrictions on devices without an app. This acts as an effective proxy in Japan but does not provide the same protection as the VPN.

ExpressVPN is the best unblocker for geo-restricted streams on services like Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, Prime Video, and HBO Max.

2. Surfshark

RefundRefund 30-day money-back guarantee
LocationThe British Virgin Islands


  • Unblocks 17 Netflix libraries
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Allows streaming on all servers
  • Excellent security with blocker, tracking, and malware prevention
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Medium-sized server network
  • Some slow servers on occasions

The Surfshark VPN service offers one of the best VPN streaming options with good download speeds, and its network covers more than 60 countries. Surfshark offers applications for Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, as well as routers where users have unlimited simultaneous connections.

Thanks to IKEv2 and 256-bit AES encryption, you have secure Internet access. It offers a kill switch, perfect forward confidentiality, and DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks.

There is the CleanWeb feature, which acts as an adblocker, tracker, and malware prevention for added security. They allow streaming and P2P file-sharing traffic across all servers with unlimited bandwidth.

Surfshark VPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, where there are no data retention laws, and they adhere to their zero log policy.

You can use split-tunneling, so you can send your Japanese Netflix streams in one direction and use your regular connection for another task.

3. CyberGhost

Refund14-day money-back guarantee
LoggingNo Logs


  • Specialized profiles for streaming
  • Large server network
  • Good speeds
  • Great security


  • Doesn’t work reliably in China or UAE
  • No live chat support

CyberGhost VPN service, based in Romania, allows users to access most Netflix libraries. Besides unblocking Japan Netflix, they can bypass restrictions of many other sites such as US Netflix and Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, among others.

CyberGhost makes Netflix with VPN a one-click operation, though you may need to check on the servers it selects first.

CyberGhost offers profiles to cover specific tasks such as streaming or torrenting as two main ones. CyberGhost sticks to its “No Logs” policy, uses 256-bit AES encryption and works in the utmost secrecy. You can use a kill switch on desktop clients and one in the application settings.

CyberGhost gets good results in speed tests because of its vast server network.

You can find applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android on seven simultaneous connections. It also has a 24/7 live chat option in case there is a problem using the VPN for downloading.


How Do I Switch to Japanese Netflix?

Switching to Japanese Netflix is straightforward. You can log out of your current Netflix account. It helps to clear your cache in case there are any cookies from Netflix on your device.

    1. Start your VPN service and select one of the servers inside Japan.
    2. Please wait until it connects and then open your browser or the Netflix app and log in.
    3. You should now be able to see the Japanese Netflix website.

Does Japanese Netflix have Dramas?

Japanese Netflix does now offer many dramas along with the vast amounts of anime shows and movies on offer. You may find a number of these dramas are taken off Netflix at certain times as the license ends. However, many returns or new ones are added.

Which Country Has the Best Netflix?

There are many ways to determine which country has the best Netflix. Certain regions have different demands for others, so the numbers of movies and TV shows may not be a clear indication of which is the best.

The United States has the most titles, yet it falls behind on the numbers of movies to other regions. If you look at highly rated streaming content, then South Korea leads with 109 Oscar-winning movies and 35 Emmy winning shows.

In terms of the balance of numbers and quality. India rises to the top of the most popular ten countries with an IMDB rating of 7.12.

Is Netflix Popular in Japan?

Although Netflix Japan was behind other countries in starting, it has quickly been gathering ground in the number of subscribers. It began in 2015, and since then, numbers are on the increase, with around 20%+ of the population subscribing to Japanese Netflix.

What’s the bottom line?

There are many things to watch on the Japanese version of Netflix, especially if you are a fan of Asian movies and anime.

While many individuals say how hard it can be to unblock Netflix, it does depend on your VPN. Many have given up trying, and the ones here can unblock Netflix Japan along with most other streaming platforms.

The great thing is that for most countries, you can get a 30-day free trial with Netflix if you are a new subscriber. In addition, you can test the features and performance to watch Netflix on VPN using a VPN refund window. In essence, you test the services of both free.

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How To Get Japanese Netflix

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