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Technology has a strange way of adapting to situations, and with the current restrictions on traveling around. One app is scaling its way up the usability rankings ahead of social media.

House party is such an app and has seen an influx of users sign up over the last few weeks. The face-to-face social network aims itself at video chats and now brings some new features such as quizzes and allows users to play games.

While it may have passed you by, it isn’t a new app and has been around for 3-years. With the additions of games and quizzes, it has a unique angle over others.

House Party App Goup Video Chat

In this House party game review, we will dive in to see what all the fuss is about. You can learn if it is safe for the younger generation, who are making the face-to-face social network the place to be.

What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is the fun way to have a group video chat, unlike the other video chat services you get, such as Chatroulette or Omegle. Such sites allow for one-to-one chat, yet with this face-to-face chat, you can group video chat with up to eight of your friends or other people.

Users have the chance to invite other people to join their “party” from using a simple text message.

Users are instantly connected when the video chat app opens and can start chatting to any of your contacts who are already logged into the app. From there, you can quickly start a group chat, or it is possible to ‘lock’ the room so others can’t join.

If any person tries to join and isn’t a direct contact, alerts are shown, and you have the chance to leave that chat.

The Houseparty app allows you to send pictures as well as a side text, which will enable you to have a private conversation with any particular person. Such messages vanish after 24-hours.

All Houseparty users have their own unique invite codes they can access through tapping the plus symbol toward the top right screen corner.

Clicking on this opens up a text, which includes a text message including the private code and an invite to the chat.

Is Houseparty Safe?

Before checking to see what goes on under the surface. Epic Games purchased the Houseparty video game app in 2019.

The company has offered a $1 million bounty against the ones who are targeting a smear campaign against the app.

Besides this, the video chatting app is freely available in any app store, so it has been through checking and given a good description, Houseparty is targeted at users over the ages of 13.

Many parents are worried the app can be disruptive and can lead to adult video chat.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have any parental controls you can set, and although aimed at older children, there are no age verification processes in place.

In the same way, as any social networking platform operates, there can be video chatting trolls trying to contact unsuspecting youngsters.

While you are chatting to multiple people, it offers some protection, yet it can be expected to find mature suggestive themes or even some profanity or crude humor.

House Party Game Guide

Once you have installed the app, you can find the app straightforward to use, like many others.
You can see your picture ‘a la selfie’ mode on your device. In the upper right, you have your plus icon for finding your contacts and your group calls.

The House party game controls sit underneath this in the form of two dice. Currently, you have games such as a Pictionary clone, Quick Draw, and a Heads Up game inspired by Ellen DeGeneres.

Tapping on one of the games brings you to add friends to play with. All you have to do is wait for them to accept and connect.

If you wish to join a chat, it takes a quick swipe up the screen. You can see recent friend’s conversations and all the House Parties currently in progress.

Because you can only speak to eight, if all the allocations are taken, you do need to wait, or you can begin your chat with another group of friends.

Grabbing the attention of someone just needs the wave icon tapping on, and heading straight into face-to-face social chat, you just have to tap on the phone icon.

Swiping from right to left takes you to your inbox, where you can find any video messages sent to you if you were not online. It is also possible for any user to record and submit their ‘Facemail’ clips to send to friends or contacts.

Inside a chat, you have controls at the bottom of your screen, such as turning the camera on and off, the mic on and off, or swapping from your front-facing camera to your rear camera.

To lock conversations in private just takes a tap on the padlock, or you can hit the cross and exit the app.

Best VPN for House Party

Precautions for Houseparty

With any apps of this nature, any users do need to take some precautions when using them. Although the app as bought by Epic, all the policies still fall under Life on Air Inc. While they go through the regular restrictions on use, it doesn’t mean users will adhere to these.

Besides, they can but will not necessarily check any content used in the app. Also, the app is another, which has access to all your contact details.

One of the best forms of precaution is to use a VPN for House Party so your IP address will be encrypted as will all your data.

VPN’s prevent anyone from finding out your location and are the best means of maintaining your privacy.

If data is harvested with the purpose of advertising, you can bypass this because the ads have no idea which device IP address to be sent.

House Party App Review

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