ExpressVPN vs IPVanish


Anyone looking for a VPN needs to consider what each can offer, aside from being cheap or not.

To make the decision a bit easier, we have two of the most popular VPN’s you can choose. In our ExpressVPN vs. IPVanish comparison, you will find which one should meet your needs.

We run through a series of categories, and see how each of the VPN services performs against each other.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish Comparison

VPN Overview

In this brief ExpressVPN review, you find a provider that offers the best of many, although it does cost more than some do. With the best speeds, customer satisfaction and service, there is little to dislike. No matter what your online activity, they have your back.

Our IPVanish review may be short, yet you get a good understanding of this VPN provider, who delivers good speeds, great support for various platforms, and torrenting support. You can see how well IPVanish vs. ExpressVPN compares and where it may come out on top.

Server Coverage

In this section, there is a bit of a difference since the last time we looked at IPVanish. It has since jumped in terms of server numbers and coverage. It now has 1,400 servers in 75 countries, which is a jump from the 60 countries it used to cover.

ExpressVPN still leads with over 3,000 servers in 94 countries. Server locations here goes to the latter, and you can see why it betters IPVanish in the download stakes.

Privacy and Security

Security and privacy are concerns for any provider. In this section, you find the closest from any area of testing.

Both Use 256-bit AES encryption, and the protocols used are OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec. Security features include a kill switch, and both have excellent DNS leak protection for regular and IPv6 traffic.

IPVanish comes with auto-reconnect, and ExpressVPN uses TrustedServer technology where all the servers run in RAM. To this point, they are equal, yet as ExpressVPN has headquarters in BVI, and has a zero-logging policy, they are outside any jurisdiction.

IPVanish retains no logs, yet it has its base inside the USA, which is a founder of the 5-Eyes coalition.

Connection Speeds

Like many other VPN’s you can test, there are not many who can better the connection speeds of ExpressVPN. In our extensive speed test, we came up with numerous figures, although here is just an overview. After looking at the results of our ExpressVPN speed test, you can see it is way in front of IPVanish.

While the results of the IPVanish speed test were consistent, it does make a difference in your experience, depending on location and time of day.

US28.52 Mbps24.53 Mbps
UK28.78 Mbps24.98 Mbps
European Servers25.97 Mbps22.25 Mbps
Australia23.10 Mbps22.5 Mbps
Avg. Download Speed26.27 Mbps23.4 Mbps


Streaming Camparison ExpressVPN vs IPVanish


With the number of cord-cutters, streaming is one of the top activities VPN users carry out. It makes sense to be sure your chosen VPN can cope with accessing the streaming services you wish to access.

While speeds for IPVanish slow down compared to ExpressVPN, they were still sufficient to stream, yet it was here we saw one of the significant flaws in an IPVanish free download. When trying to access Netflix, there were no reliable connections, and with server switching, it was hit or miss.

Besides this, streaming to the UK and iPlayer was unsuccessful. On the other hand, ExpressVPN offers access to any streaming platform you try to access; regardless of country, it is located.


Both VPN’s allow torrenting on all servers. When you take part in this activity, both VPN’s will enable you to use their split tunneling to carry on your regular browsing outside the VPN app.

While the download speeds for IPVanish are lower, there was not much to notice with downloading a torrent file.

Platform Support

Every VPN provider needs to offer a wide range of VPN apps. The number of devices increases, so users need a wide range of support. While IPVanish provides a near complete list of support for devices and routers, it is ExpressVPN, which just inches in front with a diverse range, and better browser support.

Both VPN’s cover most popular devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire devices, routers, and more.

Simultaneous Connections

An IP Vanish download offers users simultaneous connections that are double to what Express VPN offers. While this does appear impressive, it doesn’t necessarily make it a better choice overall.

VPN ProviderSimultaneous Connections

Customer Support

Many users may not always need customer support, yet some do. It is better for around the clock support because of the time difference. Both VPN’s offer 24/7 support, yet the speed and quality of response has to go to ExpressVPN.

Besides this, there are the same quality support pages and guides, so both VPN’s need commending.


There is a slight difference in the plans available from either VPN. While ExpressVPN has the regular monthly, 6-months, and annual, IPVanish mixes things up with a quarterly option. In comparison, there isn’t much in the price, so you can’t use this as your basis for selecting.

Payment options for IPVanish fall behind when compared, and only have a credit card or PayPal. Creating an account aside from that is very similar, and just requires an email and a chosen password. Both providers also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, where there is a jump in the case of IPVanish.

ProviderMonthlyQuarterly6 Months12 Months
ExpressVPN$12.95X$9.99$6.67 (15 months, 3 Free)


Both providers reach forward in differing areas, and both are ideal candidates depending on a user’s requirements.

While ExpressVPN does cost a bit more, there is not much price difference, yet there is a difference in overall value for money.

If IPVanish were the best cheap VPN, the result of which offers the best value might be different. Unfortunately, it isn’t, and ExpressVPN again stands out on its own.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish

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