How to Watch DIY Network Without Cable


For fans of TV shows where there is lots of information, there is the History Channel. However, they bring along with the Food Network, the much-enjoyed DIY Network.

While found with cable subscriptions, this does stop many individuals, who are either cord cutting or live outside the USA from gaining access to this great channel.

To watch DIY Network, you do need a VPN, and to sign up for one of the skinny bundles, which has this channel in its lineup of content.

Watch DIY Network Without Cable

Besides this, you do need a great streaming VPN to deliver these great DIY shows in HD without buffering.

The rest of this guide shows how you can learn how to watch DIY without cable. Before checking which streaming services, you can choose. You should know you could watch some free shows by just using a VPN to bypass restrictions.

After a quick look at the Channel and what great DIY shows it delivers, you can see which skinny bundles and VPN’s will meet all your DIY show needs.

What’s On the DIY Network

If you are after inspiration, or you enjoy watching DIY shows, then there is nothing better than finding all the top shows in one place.

  • Salvage Dawgs
  • Bargain Mansions
  • Building Alaska
  • Texas Flip N Move
  • Holmes and Holmes
  • First Time Flippers
  • Wood Work
  • Rehab Clinic
  • Tiny House Big Living

While there are free shows, you can’t access the majority unless you use a streaming service to access DIY Network streaming.

Where to Watch DIY Network

Before looking at the best streaming platforms, fans of DIY should know that PlayStation Vue was one of the more popular; however, this will cease to operate from January 30, 2020.

There are no new subscriptions available, so you do need to use any of the following alternatives.

Sling TV

One of the most affordable skinny bundles you can find is Sling TV. Once you check out the features, you will find one thing missing, and that is the DIY Network.

The reason being, they do not include DIY Network shows by default, and you have to purchase the Lifestyle Extra add-on, which is $5 per month. However, for this, you do get ten extra channels.

Sling has two basic plans, and with this add-on, they both have access to the DIY channel. Unlike many streaming platforms, there is no free period, yet you do get a discount for your first month.

Both Sling Blue and Sling Orange are $20, to begin with, and then revert to $30 per month. The combination plan is $35 per month and then returns to $45 per month.

Device support is comprehensive and includes Apple TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, Xbox, Android and iOS along with many others.

Hulu with Live TV

In the same manner, as Sling, Hulu is the only other way you can watch DIY network without cable. It also enables access to this channel via the entertainment add-on. This does cost more than Sling at $7.99 per month, but you have access to 11 extra channels.

If you want a live stream, you do need the larger plan, which is now $54.99 per month.

There is a one-week free trial so that you can test all the features on a broad range of mobile devices.

You can watch Hulu live TV on Android and iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, FireStick, and many others.

Hulu also comes with one of the largest ranges of Original shows, which many other skinny bundles don’t offer.

One other possible option to watch DIY Network was YouTube TV. Although they now include many History Channel shows, there is no sign of any DIY shows at present.

Best VPN to Watch DIY Network

How to Watch DIY Network with a VPN

No matter if you want to watch any of the free shows on the website, or go all in and have full access to the DIY shows, you will need a VPN.

Here are three VPN examples you can choose. It is worth noting, these run in a preferable order.

1. ExpressVPN

Many VPN’s would settle for being the number one streaming VPN. ExpressVPN continues to improve, and does hold the best record for streaming speeds and bypassing geo-restricted channels and services.

It has support for over 94 countries and enables HD streaming without a stutter. It also keeps all personal data secure with industry leading protocols and encryption. You will also find it runs on the broadest range of devices including routers.

2. Private Internet Access

Being a crowd favorite, it is a shame this VPN locates itself inside a 5-eyes country. It offers a large number of servers, yet the country count isn’t so vast, and only numbers 30.

It does however, offer top-level encryption, and retains no logs. You can use it on a large number of devices, and it does an admirable job of bypassing geo-restrictions for streaming platforms. (Read more about this no log VPN service)

Users can have 10 connections, and you can test it with the 7-day money-back guarantee.

3. Unlocator

You see this service touting itself as one of the best DNS services for bypassing restrictions. It has since then branched to offer a VPN side of the service.

It can be one of the best ways to bypass restrictions on geo-restricted content and offers decent speeds if you don’t use the VPN side. Subscribers do have a chance to use the DNS service, or the DNS plus VPN.

The server network is small, yet it does a good job of accessing the above skinny bundles. The VPN uses bank-grade protocols, but their DNS proxy doesn’t use any of these and can only access locked content.

What’s the Bottom Line?

For access to the best shows about DIY, you can quickly give these a run to test all their features. However, for the majority of users, they will find the 30-day money-back guarantee on ExpressVPN leads them to stay with the best streaming VPN there is on the market.

How to Watch DIY Network Without Cable

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