How to Watch British TV in USA (Best Method)


For all the fans of British TV series in America, here’s how to watch BBC in USA. But BBC is not all that the UK has, there also are other content providers like Sky Network, iTV Network and the free-to-air Channel 4 Network. But yes, BBC is popular and has some of the best UK TV shows.

Every UK channel has its online streaming service which shows the live content as well as on-demand videos. And using the way described here you can watch all your favorite British TV streaming channels right from here, in the US.

Watch British television online

As I mentioned above, you can get the programs of British TV channels with their online service. If you want to watch Sherlock as soon as the episodes go online, or the Peaky Blinders, go to BBC iPlayer.

And if you are a fan of Coronation Street or Emmerdale, your tool of choice should be iTV’s streaming service, the iTV Hub (formerly iTV Player).

If you are in need of watching UK TV sports programs, catch Sky Sports with Sky on Demand. And if you want to find the free-to-air programs enjoyed by the British, the content of Channel 4 is available for free with the All 4 (or 4oD player). And this is how to watch Channel 4 in the US.

Don’t underestimate the catalogue of Channel 4 network just because they are broadcasting for free.

Channel 4 has the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, which inspired people to create their US version. The other streaming services like BBC iPlayer and iTV Hub too is available for free when viewed online, but the problem is the geo-restriction.

All this amazing content available on the British TV channels is not available outside the boundary of the UK because of the copyright laws. But there are ways to get past this block and the best method is by using the top VPN providers available.

Get British TV channels in the US

Whenever you (your device, I mean) request something from a website, the device sends its IP address along.

Every device connected to the Internet has an IP address, and it’s unique to it. In fact, each region has a separate set of IP address, allocated to the Internet Service Providers.

Yes, whatever you are thinking now is the right way. If your device gets an IP address from the UK, you can watch all UK TV streaming live from the US. And subscribing to a VPN service provider is the safest and easiest way.

When you connect to a VPN server, the server encrypts your network and hides your IP address. It then, assigns the device, the same IP address as the server.

All the requests for accessing a website will be made through the server. And the streaming services will see you as someone in the UK.

There are many free VPN providers available at your service, but for the best streaming experience go for paid ones like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. The paid VPN providers have support for good streaming speeds, and they also have a good encryption system in place. They will keep your streaming activity hidden from the ISPs.

If the services mentioned above feel a bit pricey, you can opt for IPVanish, another of the top US VPN service providers.

Now, register at your favorite website

After you have paid for and set up your VPN software, you can now access any of the British streaming websites you want.

Setting up a VPN is easy, and the providers have apps for all the popular streaming devices available. Either you want to watch with your PC browser, on your tablet or with the help of your Xbox, you can have a VPN service running there.

But before you start watching your favorite shows, you need to register for their service. The process is almost same, whether you choose BBC or iTV.

They need your name, email ID and valid postcode of the UK. They want you to enter the postcode to validate if the service is available at that location.

Upon successful registration, you are ready to enter the colorful world of British television. Not only can you watch the live stream but also catch up previous episodes of your favorite series.

The licensing rights vary from content to content and thus, the videos have different availability times (or periods).

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