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With the best free TV series streaming service, you can watch quality TV shows online and a few movies and TV thrown in for good luck. With this is the fact these streaming sites won’t cost you anything.

Some of the sites go beyond TV shows for free streaming and may offer live TV shows and the chance of watching movies for free online. The streaming world has become a bit more crowded, and things will go pop at some stage.

While it is all rosy, you can find here the best TV shows online, the best streaming websites, and where to watch free TV shows online, which can deliver much of what you want to watch.

While you may face a few ads here and there, that is a small price to pay for free television.

What are the Best Free TV Streaming Sites?

Here you can find some of the best sites you can watch T V shows online for free.



Peacock TV is the new player in the streaming world; it comes from NBC and differs from many as it has around two-thirds of its content for free and amounts to over 13,000 hours on the free tier.

There are titles such as 30 Rock, Cheers, Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Parks and Recreation. Coming soon, you can get every episode of The Office and much more.

There are also a ton of movies to watch, from The Bourne Identity, Jurassic Park, and Shrek.

Peacock Free doesn’t need credit card info, yet you do need to watch ads. You can find some live channels, and there are more coming.



Crackle is from Sony and began in 2004. You can access many a TV show on this website, though the library of movie online for free to watch is more extensive. Free streaming on this website also offers some Original shows and movies that are worth watching.

It is 100% free, and there is no registration, though you can if you wish to obtain a few extras. TV show options you can find are Hell’s Kitchen, Roseanne, and more. Movies include recent hits like The Train to Busan and Star Trek Generations.



Although you need to sign in, there is no more the Internet Movie Database TV channel wants. You can find some classics of TV shows to watch like 3rd Rock from the Sun, Schitt’s Creek, Misdomer Murders, and lots more. You can even see every season of Chicago Fire and The Outpost.

The website delivers free streaming TV shows and movies in high quality.

Any streaming site above comes from a long list of others that deliver fantastic TV shows online and allow you to watch a movie online for free. You can include the giants such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and some of the streaming platforms from Australia, which all deserve a place.

What are the Best Illegal Streaming Sites?

In the legal streaming site list above, you will find older titles, or you need to sign up for a premium service.

With this, many people wish to avoid the cost and get the latest movies and TV shows from a free streaming website. In many cases, a free streaming website can make it more accessible to find what you want to watch.

Here are some of the best illegal free online movie for watch sites you can come across.



FlixTor is at the top of our list of watching TV series online free of all illegal streaming sites. The website also includes many movies, and if you wish, you can create a premium VIP account.

FlixTor ranks high on this list because of its amazing content, low nuisance ads, smooth, high-quality playback, user interface, and much more. (Read Is Flixtor to Illegal?)



HiMovies is a more recent streaming site, which adds itself to this list to watching TV shows online along with movies.

However, the HiMovies site is quickly gaining a reputation in the streaming world because of its extensive portfolio of content, easy playback, and low advertising impact compared to other streaming sites. You can find recent shows such as NBC “Raised By Wolves.”



WatchSeries is yet one more quality-streaming site that enables users to watch the latest TV shows online for free.

WatchSeries has an extensive catalog of TV series classified into many categories. This website also features a TV scheduling function, which allows you to stay up to date with your favorite TV shows!


Solar Movie

In recent years, Solar Movie has grown to develop into one of the leading streaming sites for watching TV shows and to watch a movie free online.

While advertisements can become tedious, the enormous variety of TV Shows and movies to watch distinguishes Solar Movie from other sites on this list. (Read Solar Movie Unblock Guide)



Popcornflix is another quality streaming site for free movies and TV shows, as well as full TV series.

There is a massive amount of categories, content selection, a low number of ads, and hardly any playback buffering. The user experience is top level with the interface, and how long it has been running is what sets Popcornflix apart from other sites.

What is the Best Streaming Site for TV Shows?

The best site for TV shows id the one you can access quickly and safely. It is no good trying to access such sites as PeacockTV if you are faced with geo-restrictions.

Add to this, if you want to watch movies and TV shows online that infringe on copyright, you need protection.

The best way to cover both of these in one go is by using a premium streaming VPN service. With these, you can instantly bypass any restrictions in place to watch your favorite TV show.

Add to this, your location and IP address are hidden, so there is no chance of your ISP or copyright trolls seeing what you are streaming and where you are streaming. Besides this, your ISP won’t throttle your connection, and you can keep full speed.

Best Series Streaming Sites

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