About VPNandGo

VPNandGo is always about privacy, specifically protecting your privacy online by increasing security and better standard privacy practices.

The internet is a mass geo-blocked area topped with tracking for big data. This is reason why so many TV shows and sporting events may be available in your country but not in others.

By taking control of your data and what you share online it makes it harder for the controllers of the geo-blocks to stop you viewing blocked content.

Privacy and internet freedom go hand in hand and at VPNandGo our aim is to help you maximize that freedom

jared clarke

Jared Clarke

I am passionate about privacy

“Everybody is being tracked online mostly for advertising purposes, it’s a fact – you can use a browser privacy extension and see just how many scripts are tracking your every move. Some people are fine with this and other are not, just remember though, you can be private online and I’m here to show you how.”

Knowledge is Power

Our aim at VPNandGO is to help you with the following:

  • Increase your security and privacy online
  • Dramatically increase your entertainment options online
  • Save you money with tips and deals
  •  Educate people about the internet and how to use it to your advantage and not just give free data to the tech giants.

If you have any questions, queries or topics you would like me to cover you can contact me here or send me an email hello@vpnandgo.com